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Type of opportunity | Tipo de oportunidad: Courses & Degrees / Cursos y formación
City | Ciudad: Berlin & Bucharest
Country | País: Germany / Alemania
Start Date | Fecha de inicio: 04/03/2016
End Date | Fecha fin: 12/09/2016
Salary/Scholarship | Remuneración/Beca: No
Additional benefits | Otros beneficios: Youthpass
Fees | Costes: 100€; other costs are covered by Erasmus+
Who can apply | Quién puede inscribirse: trainees from Germany, Romania, Netherlands, Serbia, Lithuania and Italy who work with youth

Training course “Tear down these Walls!”, is divide into two training seminars. The first one will take place in Berlin, Germany (04/03/2016 – 12/03/2016) and then in Bucharest, Romania (05/09/2016 -12/09/2016), with practice period for new-learned non-formal educational approaches in the home-countires in-between them.

The topic of the training course will be to try out different pedagogical approaches to deal with the European east-west history and its’ current consequences. You will reflect the European history through still existing stereotypes about “east” and “west”.

The training course will also be based on excursions to historical memorial places, talking with contemporary witnesses, doing biographical work and trying out creative and artistic methods.

Who can apply?

Trainees from Germany, Romania, Netherlands, Serbia, Lithuania and Italy, who work with youth.

You must participate in both trainings, in Germany and Romania.


The costs for travelling, accomodation, public transport, food and program will be covered by the EU Program Erasmus+.

Fee for participation is 100€ for both trainings.

Other stuff

  • language of communication will be English
  • food will be vegetarian/vegan
Application deadline | Fecha de inscripción: 12/02/2016
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