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Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Aquariums with more than 6000 specimens from Mediterranean sea, coral reef and Shark Lagoon. Historical collections, Cabinet of Curiosities, jaws of the biggest shark ever – Megalodon that are over 2 metres wide and high. Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is offering amazing and unique experience in the Temple of the Sea built on the side of the mythical Rock of Monaco.

Oceanographic Museum | Janja Horvat

Oceanographic Museum | Janja Horvat

Web: oceano.mc

Village Museum, Bucharest

It is one of the oldest and the biggest outdoors museum in Europe. Collection of almost 300 different traditional peasant houses, churches, watermills, barns and other small entities create an illusion of village. Some houses are also open to enter and see the traditional furniture and décor.

Village Museum | Janja Horvat

Village Museum | Janja Horvat

Web: muzeul-satului

National Aquarium Denmark, Denblå Planet, Copenhagen

The Blue Planet is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium and with seven million liters of water offers amazing experience for children and adults. Surrounded by water on almost all sides it also offers unique views. My favourite part is section of Faroe Islands with colourful puffins and sea otters from Alaska.

Fish all around - watching people from above and from the side | Susanne Nilsson

Fish all around – watching people from above and from the side | Susanne Nilsson

Web: denblaaplanet.dk

M/S Maritime Museum, Elsinore

Build underground around an old dry dock near Kronborg Castle is for sure one of the most interesting museums I have visited. Interactive exhibitions guide you through maritime history and foreign lands. Great architecture, design and exhibits are truly worth visiting.

Fortunate lighting at the Maritime Museum of Denmark, Elsinore | Jonas Smith

Fortunate lighting at the Maritime Museum of Denmark, Elsinore | Jonas Smith

Web: mfs.dk

Zotter Chocolate, Riegersburg

If you are a chocoholic this will become your heaven. All the chocolate you can think of is there for you to try it. Warm melted chocolate, chocolate bars, various flavours from normal to exotic ones. Before you enter you get this sweet little spoon to taste all runny chocolate and then the experience begins. Zotter is not just the final station where they melt chocolate to create a bar. They are bean-to-bar manufacture and the only one in Europe that produce solely in organic and fair-trade quality.  Sustainable and delicious.

Zotter Chocolate | Janja Horvat

Zotter Chocolate | Janja Horvat

Web: zotter.at

Belghazi Museum, Sale

It is said that Belgahzi Museum is the biggest private museum in Africa. The Belghazi Family is very rich and they started collecting all kinds of artefacts generations ago. Here you can find everything from mathematics artefacts, textile, horse saddles, tea sets to statues, jewellery, important documents, toys, just name it and they probably have it.

Museum in Sale | Janja Horvat

Museum in Sale | Janja Horvat

Web: museumbelghazi.com

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