1) Southside With You

This sentimental yet wittily written romance/biography take us through the (here) future President of the US, Barack Obama is in the process of wooing his future wife and later First Lady, Michelle. The film lends us a bird’s eye view of little quirky details of the couple we never would have guessed, or bothered to notice, while ushering us along their very first “date” travelling across Chicago’s South Side. This is one of those films you’ll keep coming back to, and will be talking about for ages!

2) Passengers

This futuristic, intriguing fantasy film takes us on the peculiar journey of two passengers aboard a spacecraft to a new home with hopes of a fresh start. However, the dramatic twist and almost horrifying mistake occurs when they both end up being awakened from an induced hibernation 90 years earlier than they’re meant to. The film takes a romantic turn when the two end up falling for each other as they, together face the likelihood that they will spend the rest of their lives on the ship. However, this is only until they realise that their ship may be in grave dangers and, they, being the only ones awake on boar must face the challenge of attempting to save the 5000 other passengers (still asleep) on board.

3) The Girl on the Train

This mystery/drama speaks for itself! Even the title of this film runs chills through you. To avoid spoilers, I’ll keep it short. The film introduces as to Rachel, a commuter on a train journey who regularly sees what seems like a perfect couple through her window, almost daily. However, the mystery begins when one day, while on her usual journey, she sees something chilling take place in their backyard and, after she learns that the lady in the couple is missing, she reports what she witnessed to the authorities. This is not all however because she later, in a struggle to believe her own memory, begins to take the search for the lady into her own hands…we can all see where this is going. You need to watch this one!

Watched them already? Let me know what you thought!