Amidst shelving the year that was, and welcoming the new year with uncertainty(and frustration at just having learned how to write down the year 2016 as the date), fashion fanatics from all around the globe have been eagerly awaiting, some daring to predict what trends to not only expect,but to invest in for the barely began 2017.

Well, apart from the pops of yellow creeping into store fronts and the oh-so-classic stripe making its charming come-back, a theme that has been subtle but steady in it’s persistence has been the rather abstract nod to “painterly prints.” These have been slipping their way into classically tailored skirts and dainty dresses but have decided to formally crop up as a movement of their own this spring!

Although in writing the concept may sound ludicrous, here’s a few examples to coax you into purchasing what will probably be this season’s most alluring go-to trend-piece.

Luckily, not all painterly prints are bold and bright as designers and high-street stores are keen to cater to the minimalist chic trend that is still reigning strong. Subtle pastel variations or monochromatic designs have been spotted. That said, are you ready to don your canvas and parade through the streets?

I sure am! Don’t forget to take a picture and tag us at #RGNNglamour with a picture of your new statement piece!