Class of 2017

Havana & Trinidad, Cuba // Travel Journalism & Photography Internship Seminar // January 2-16, 2017.

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Columbia University
United States


Gabriela Milian.

Gabriela Milian is a broadcast journalist who has worked in various entry-level positions at CBS News, CNN, NBC News, News 12 New Jersey, and Telemundo Media, a division of NBCUniversal, amongst others.

Gabriela is proficient in writing, shooting, and editing her own stories both in English and for the Spanish speaking community.

She hopes to continue building her career as a proficient storyteller for news outlets around the country and the globe.

She is currently obtaining her Master of Science in Broadcast Journalism from Columbia University in New York, and holds a B.A. in Journalism and Spanish from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, where she moreover completed a Documentary Film Certificate.

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Boston University
United States


Taylor Robinson.

My name is Taylor and I am from Boston, MA. I am a senior at Boston University studying Journalism.

In 2015, I studied abroad for four months in Madrid, Spain where I took a full course load in Spanish and interned at a bilingual elementary school.

My interests are education, traveling, and feminism.

I am also currently a marketing and communications intern in the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development for the City of Boston where I assist in video production and editing for the Office.

After I graduate, I want to continue to explore interests in photography, creative directing, and broadcasting.

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University of Strathclyde
United Kingdom


James Rae.

Throughout my education I have maintained a heavy interest for the subject of English. From this has stemmed the passion for both Journalism and Creative Writing, which is why I chose to further my knowledge of these three subjects by studying them at University – in hope that I will go on to pursue a career as a journalist, with the additional and useful knowledge of the other two subjects.

I have had several pieces of writing published, including my feature in the book “Teen Poet: The Poet Within”. I was also given the editorial position at my school’s Journalism Society.

Aside from this, my frequent and wide-ranging travels have inspired me to document the different places I visit, both photographically and through writing. As I am now at the stage where I have enough content, I am currently in the midst of creating a travel blog, which will feature the best photographs I have taken, as well as some hints and tips I picked up for people wishing to travel to the same place.

Through my studies, I have developed, and continue to develop a variety of skills that are necessary to these subjects, such as accuracy and precision, as well as enhancing my general knowledge of the subjects as a whole. I lam an open-minded individual who celebrates diversity and the different walks of life, which is partly due to having the privilege of discovering many different cultures. Going to Cuba will be a fantastic opportunity to take my love for Travel Journalism and Photography to the next level, at the same time as heightening my appreciation for different cultures.

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United States


Leah Hodgson.

My name is Leah (pronounced: “Lay”, like the potato chips) and I recently moved back to the New York area after a few years of living in Colorado, United States.

After completing a medical internship in Southeast Asia three years ago, I decided to take a break from a traditional, formal education at University level (that was making me miserable) and alternatively educate myself by traveling as much and as often as possible, and work in between those trips to fund them.

Throughout this process, I have also reunited with my love of photography, and in the process of struggling to put all of the beautiful experiences and moments I have endured while traveling into words, have also begun writing again.

While I have dabbled with the idea of creating a travel blog to share what I have learned and encourage others to go out and do the same, I have also found myself striving for a bit more than that, in terms of both audience and content, and look forward to the opportunity this Internship Seminar will offer me to learn about and shadow photojournalism as a sort of stepping stone for me to eventually turn my passion into a career.

RGNN Academy Scholarship Recipient

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Midwestern State University

United States


Jessalyn Jahn Castro.

I began my journalism career in middle school, where I enrolled in my first newspaper class and immediately found an interest. I mostly drew towards sports, which have consumed my life since the age of four. One of my goals in writing sports stories for my school’s sports teams was to get them acknowledged and draw more people for support.

I’ve also done feature and news writing, and received awards through the University Interscholastic League in high school and for the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association in college. My first piece of published work was a feature story in a local magazine in Schertz, Texas in May 2013.

Although I have never submitted any pictures for competition or have had any published, photography has always been a hobby of mine, publishing photos on my social media accounts. In photography I believe I have a strong-suit for composition and capturing candid moments, but would like to learn more about the camera itself and the certain settings I would need to get a certain shot.

From taking an interest in photography and giving my photos more depth, I have learned that videography is another art form that I intend on learning more about. I have also done projects for my personal pleasure and to gain more experience in filming and editing. Currently, I am taking classes for broadcast journalism, -my major is mass communication,- and am involved in an undergraduate research project involving a documentary.

My main goals are to learn more about what is done behind the scenes at a news agency, not just to study the end product of a project, but what it takes to make it happen and how to be successful in producing commendable work.

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Universidad Europea de Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Schehrazada Parro.

My name is Schehrazada, but everyone calls me Chery. I’m 20 years old and my ultimate goal is to work as a freelance journalist in countries that are at war (Yemen, Syria…)

I’m currently in my third year of university, studying Journalism and International Affairs. Throughout the years, I have learned the basic of journalism and how to use a professional camera, – my expertise being the act of photographing, not so much that of editing.

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Western University



Minki Kim.

I’m a recent graduate, but, at the age of 26, I’m at a crossroads in terms of having a clear career direction. As such, with post-graduate school applications and job interviews looming over me, I feel a need to develop useful skills and nurture passions that I never fully tapped into.

My best-case scenario at the end of this Internship Seminar is the discovery of a new career path along with obtainable work opportunities. At the minimum, I get to attain tangible skills and international connections. I’m very excited for this opportunity, not only for the program itself, but also for a future more optimistic than the one I had envisioned before being introduced to RGNN.

Although I don’t have formal journalism experience or published works, I enjoy writing in most formats. Whether through social media or course assignments, I’ve always found a therapeutic side to researching interesting subjects and expressing my findings/opinions. This may stem from the fact that I’ve never been a great storyteller or skilled in verbally explaining information to others.

Photography is an art I’ve been interested in ever since my high school art teacher let me use one of the school’s Canon DSLR cameras during the winter holidays. I don’t seek out moments to capture, but at the same time, I never let a moment pass me by.

My research assignments in linguistics involved interviewing members of the senior population of London. My experience with the research, along with my time studying and travelling alone in Spain, has developed into a strong passion for Latino culture, Spanish language, and the new/unknown. Additionally, my experience playing rugby in various countries and meeting athletes from many backgrounds also played into my desire to seek out new experiences.