Financial Aid

RGNN Academy student Gabriela Milian (Class of 2017) in Trinidad, Cuba, during our Travel Journalism & Photography Internship Seminar

With the goal of supporting the future of journalism education, RGNN Academy offers Financial Aid for groups of students that apply and formalize enrollment in the same RGNN Academy Seminar.

Financial Aid will be applied towards the total Tuition Fee for all persons forming part of the group. For example, a group of 10 students that requests Financial Aid for a two-week Seminar in Cuba, which normally has a Tuition Fee of 3,500 Euros. If all 10 students are accepted and formalize their enrollment for the Seminar, each student will receive Financial Aid for 10% of the Tuition Fee, equivalent to 350 Euros per student.

The request for Financial Aid must be submitted below, along with the application form for the Seminar. The number and names of all persons forming part of the group will also need to be indicated.

Number of people forming part of the group requesting Financial Aid Financial Aid (% of Tuition Fee)
2 2%
3 3%
4 4%
5 5%
6 6%
7 7%
8 8%
9 9%
10 10%
More than 10 people Consult with


All requests for Financial Aid are subject to availability and to the selection process of RGNN Academy.

RGNN Academy reserves the right to modify the conditions for Financial Aid, and the updated version of the conditions will be available at

Note. In the event that ROOSTERGNN has provided you with a translation of the Spanish version of this document, you accept that such a translation is provided solely for your convenience, and in your relationship with ROOSTERGNN, the Spanish version of this document prevails in any case.

Financial Aid is for groups of students. We also offer Scholarships for individual applicants, please click the button below.

Click here for scholarships for individual applicants for our Cuba program

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Please confirm you have submitted an application for this Seminar here:


Number of people in your group requesting Financial Aid

Full names of all people in your group requesting Financial Aid

Email addresses of all people in your group requesting Financial Aid

I understand that if my application is accepted and I choose to participate in the Seminar, I will have seventy-two (72) business hours to pay a five-hundred (500) Euro deposit for the Tuition Fee, and payment plans are available for the rest of the tuition fee, as according to the program. If I am awarded financial aid, it will be deducted from the rest of the Tuition Fee.

I confirm that the above information is accurate. The submission of this form implies the acceptance of the ROOSTERGNN Terms ( and the norms of the program I am applying to.