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RGNN Academy.

MADRID, SPAIN. Program 2017.


Intensive Travel Journalism & Photography Internship Seminars in MADRID, SPAIN. Spots limited to 16 students.

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Limited spots available. Open to all nationalities.

ROOSTERGNN Global News Network (RGNN.org) and ROOSTERGNN Academy, both non-profit organizations, are OFFERING,

Intensive Travel Journalism  & Photography Internship Seminars, based in Madrid, Spain.

During the Journalism Internship Seminar, students participate in an intensive journalism program coordinated by a Team of Editors and Writers, with the participation of Experts and Mentors. The program includes attendance at Editorial Meetings, Travel Journalism Workshops, Photography Workshops, Mentoring Sessions and Feedback Sessions, all of which culminates in the publication of a bi-weekly travel magazine, publishes in digital format in the news agency.

All of the Experts and Mentors are bilingual (English & Spanish). To participate in the Seminars, it is required that students have knowledge of at least ONE of these languages. Students can choose to write their articles in English, Spanish or both.

The selection process is rigorous and includes an interview for all candidates of interest.

The Internship Seminar offers students the possibility to graduate with a Portfolio of Published Content, published in the news agency, a Travel Journalism & Photography Internship Certification, a Certification of Academic Credit, as well as a Letter of Recommendation of Merit, if applicable.

The Internship Seminar includes housing in shared studio apartments in the central Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid, Spain.

CALENDAR. Each Two-Week Module culminates in the publication of a travel magazine. Students can enroll in one single Two-Week Module, or in various — the workshops do NOT repeat themselves. Please see full list of collaborating Experts and Mentors, and their Workshops here.


  • MODULE IV: Monday, July 17, 2017, to Friday, July 28, 2017. APPLICATIONS OPEN.
  • MODULE V: Monday, July 31, 2017, to Friday, August 11, 2017. APPLICATIONS OPEN.
  • MODULE VI: Monday, August 14, 2017, to Friday, August 25, 2017. APPLICATIONS OPEN.

WELCOME PACKET. Before the start of the Seminar, all students will receive a Welcome Packet via email, which will include an updated version of the Schedule. In the meantime, students can consult a Sample Schedule here: http://rgnn.org/academy/madrid-spain-travel-journalism-photography-internship-seminar/schedule.

PROGRAM: INTENSIVE TRAVEL JOURNALISM & PHOTOGRAPHY INTERNSHIP SEMINAR. Link to the current version of the Program: http://rgnn.org/academy/madrid-spain-travel-journalism-photography-internship-seminar/program

CONTENT. Each Two-Week Module includes the following content, which must be completed in order to obtain curricular benefits as detailed below.

    • Journalism Specialization. Seminar specializing in Travel Journalism and Photography.
    • Attendance at Orientation, where the academic requirements are explained.
    • Attendance at ROOSTERGNN Editorial Meetings. One Editorial Meeting per Two-Week Module, in which each student is assigned two (2) articles.
    • Attendance at Group Mentoring Sessions. One Mentoring Session per Two-Week Module, to discuss the progress of students on their articles.
    • Attendance at Group Feedback & Editing Sessions. One Group Feedback & Editing Session per Two-Week Module. Each student will receive verbal feedback on the articles assigned during the Editorial Meetings. All articles must be received by the deadline indicated by RGNN in order to be eligible for Feedback.
    • Participate in Travel Journalism & Photography Workshops with Experts and Mentors. Four (4) Workshops per Two-Week Module, addressing the following areas of travel journalism and photography. The full list of Workshops can be consulted in the following link.
      • Preparation and research
      • Writing
      • Editing
      • Photography
      • Video
      • Social Media
      • Other useful travel writing tools
      • Design & layout
      • Publication and possible markets
      • Professional development
    • Submit Photojournalism Portfolio. Students will take photographs throughout the Seminar, of which RGNN will choose the best to publish in the news agency’s communication channels.
    • Submit a Final Seminar Evaluation. All students will be required to submit a final Evaluation before the end of the Seminar.

EXPERTS AND MENTORS. The Seminar includes the collaboration of prestigious Experts and Mentors. Please see the Experts collaborating in each Two-Week Module here.

CULTURAL IMMERSION IN MADRID AND SPAIN. Participate in the Cultural Immersion Program. Each week, a calendar of events and site visits will be announced, so that students can take advantage of getting to know Madrid, its surroundings and aspects of the Spanish culture in more detail.

HOUSING. Important update March 15, 2017. Upon requests from numerous of our students, we are including housing for new Enrollments in the Internship Seminar starting from this date at an updated tuition fee. Students who formalized their enrollment in the Internship Seminar before March 15, can ask to book the added service by paying the corresponding supplement in the tuition fee.

Housing in furnished studio apartments selected by RGNN in the central neighborhood of Salamanca in Madrid, Spain. Thirteen (13) nights. Housing is shared in double apartments (2 individual beds). Each studio apartment has its own bathroom and kitchen, air-conditioning, as well as weekly cleaning and change of sheets and towels. The building moreover has wifi, 24 hour concierge, laudromat and dryer room, swimming pool and sundeck. The entry of persons foreign to the Program is not permitted in the houses. Alcohol within the apartments is also not permitted. RGNN will assign accommodation. The dates in which housing will be available are:

  • Sunday, July 16, 2017 to Saturday, July 29, 2017
  • Sunday, July 30, 2017 to Saturday, August 12, 2017
  • Sunday, August 13, 2017 to Saturday, August 26, 2017


Students will be evaluated continually throughout the Program, and remaining enrolled in the Internship Program will be necessarily linked to the student’s compliance of a minimum set of goals within the Program as subject to the Tuition.

Completing the goals of the Program allows students to obtain the following academic or curricular documentation.

  1. Certification of Portfolio of Published Content.
  2. Journalism Internship Certification specializing in Travel Journalism and Photography.
  3. Certification of Academic Credit. Students who have met all requirements of the Program obtain a Certification of Academic Credit. ROOSTERGNN will certify a total of forty (40) hours of academic credit per Two-Week Module.
  4. Processing of University Agreements (Convenios) and/or other External Academic Documentation for Academic Credit (optional and subject to approval by RGNN). Those students who wish to request the processing of university agreements (convenios) and/or other external academic documentation for academic credit for their university must submit all such documentation by the deadline indicated by RGNN. No requests for external academic documentation will be processed after this deadline.

Completing more than one Two-Week Module allows students to obtain the following academic or curricular documentation.

  1. Letter of Recommendation of Merit. There are three levels of evaluation that permit obtaining a Letter of Recommendation: Sufficient, Good, Excellent. There will be no Letter of Recommendation for students who do not meet the Sufficient level. The Experts and Mentors of the Seminar will conduct the evaluation of merit.

ROOSTERGNN follows a strict evaluation process for issuing academic and/or curricular documentation. Students must have completed all requirements of the Program to obtain any type of academic and/or curricular documentation.

All processing of academic and/or curricular documentation is conducted EXCLUSIVELY via email academy@roostergnn.org. Academic and/or curricular documentation is issued via email in PDF format, within twenty-five (25) business days after the last day of the Seminar.


To apply for a spot, please fill out the following form:



The minimum enrollment is one Two-Week Module. Given that spots are extremely limited, it is recommended that students formalize enrollment as soon as possible.

  • Tuition Fee Two-Week Module. 2,000 €.


Please consult the following link for Scholarship information: http://rgnn.org/academy/scholarships. There are currently 500 Euro scholarships available for the Madrid program.


Please consult the following link for Financial Aid information available for groups of students: http://rgnn.org/academy/financial-aid


Tuition Fees should be paid via bank transfer or cash deposit into a bank account that will be provided to selected candidates on the Enrollment Confirmation Form.

The following payment plans are available:

Single payment. Once a student has been accepted by ROOSTERGNN, he/she will have seventy-two (72) business hours to pay the full Tuition Fee.

Payment in three installments. As follows:

  • A deposit of five-hundred (500) Euros within seventy-two (72) business hours once the student has been accepted by ROOSTERGNN.
  • Two payments of 50% of the remaining Tuition Fee, to be made by the following deadlines depening on the program:

      • March 31, 2017. 50% of the remaining Tuition Fee.
      • April 10, 2017. Rest of the Tuition Fee.

All Tuition Fees, including the deposit, are non-refundable and non-transferable.

ROOOSTERGNN reserves the right to terminate the Enrollment of any student who does not respect the norms or mission of the Program.
Tuition Fees are non-refundable.

Important Note: The Tuition Fee stated is the exact amount in Euros to be received by the RGNN Academy. Students are responsable for inquiring with their bank about possible wire transfer fees, and if so, for covering fees incurred by their bank.

LEGAL FRAMEWORK. The Educational Programs, or “Internship Seminars,” are regulated by the norms of their program, in its last published version, and by the currently valid legislation in the Kingdom of Spain. ROOSTERGNN can take photographs, videos, interviews during the Educational Programs and can make use of this material in its publicities and promotions. By formalizing the Enrollment, the students authorize ROOSTERGNN for this use.

ROOSTERGNN reserves the right to modify or cancel the Educational Programs depending on the needs of the agency, the availability of experts, and possible local contingencies. In the case of a cancellation of a Program, ROOSTERGNN will refund the full payment of the Tuition Fee to the originating bank account.

It is the responsibility of the students to submit the required, accurate documentation to ROOSTERGNN by the deadlines established by the organization. Moreover, it is the obligation of students to comply with the norms of the program and respect the persons in charge. The organization will be completely free of any responsibility arising from the incompliance of these norms.

Note. In the event that ROOSTERGNN has provided you with a translation of the Spanish version of this document, you accept that such a translation is provided solely for your convenience, and in your relationship with ROOSTERGNN, the Spanish version of this document prevails in any case.



Updated May 28, 2017.