Experta en e-liderazgo y energía innovadora. Doctora en Sociología y apasionada por la tecnología. Reconocida como una de las diez expertas más influyentes de España. Colaboradora del programa Emprende (Canal 24 horas y la 1 de Rtve). Autora de Ingenio, Sexo y Pasión & e-Renovarse o morir.
Vodafone smart swimwear

Piénsalo bien: ¿Se acordarán de lo que hiciste?

La innovación está de moda, tanto que en estos momentos ninguna empresa se atrevería a reconocer, al menos en público, que su equipo no innova…

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Who Are The Most Innovative, Young People or Older People?

Who are more creative—men or women? Who are the most innovative—young people or older people?

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Dear, Could You Print a Mop for Me?

3D printing comes as a double edge sword. It brings hope, employment and prosperity. However, it brings new challenges too…

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When Was the Last Time You Said “Well Done”?

How do you know how to reward your best employees? Fortunately, financial rewards are not the only motivational tools available

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Internet of Things, Europe

The Feminine Side of the Internet of Things

A brand new era has come along with the Internet of Things, the fusion of our physical and digital realities. It is what has come to be known as the “ubiquitous” society, a term derived from the Latin word ubique and which means “everywhere”.

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imagination, ingenuity, ideas

The 4 essentials to sharpen imagination and ingenuity

The rules governing the market are changing faster and faster. In order to win or just to survive, Silvia Leal brings us some tips to difference yourself and be more competitive.

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Expansión norte Jaén

Jaén: Grounds to Undertake and the Fate of its Tsuru, or Japanese Cranes

JAÉN, SPAIN: Jaén is there and invests in entrepreneurs. This is not something new, as many cities (and provinces) today opt for them because after the severe crisis in which we’ve lived, there have not been many other options. However, not many can boast of doing particularly well, with ingenuity and passion. Therefore, as I’ve […]

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