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How long should articles be?

Recommended article length is between 500-700 words. Journalists can choose whether to write in English or Spanish.

Can I submit previously published content?

No, unless you are specifically invited to do so by ROOSTERGNN.

Can I republish ROOSTERGNN content on my blog/website/etc.?

ROOSTERGNN content is available via a Creative Commons CC BY license. You can republish ROOSTERGNN content on your blog/website, if and only if you cite ROOSTERGNN as the original source, and link back to rgnn.org.

Who chooses the topics for content?

Journalists are free to choose topics. ROOSTERGNN also suggests a list of Topics of Interest here.

Does ROOSTERGNN edit articles?

No. All users are responsible for their own content, and can publish their content directly.

Where can I find images for my article?

You can find Creative Commons images at compfight.com. On the left, make sure to click “Creative Commons.” Please include the name of the photographer in the “Caption” field when uploading to ROOSTERGNN. Check out the full guide in the ROOSTERGNN Journalism Toolbox.

I would like to submit a video/other type of file, where can I upload this?

The uploading form is currently used for articles with photos. Please email staff@roostergnn.org if you would like to submit videos or other types of files.

Does ROOSTERGNN pay users?

ROOSTERGNN is a non-profit, collaborative platform that defends freedom of expression. In its current version, ROOSTERGNN does not offer monetary compensation for users.

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