Have a dog means never feeling alone, it means returning home from school or work and have someone waiting for you always happy although if you miss from home for quite some time.
Have a dog is a pleasure but also a responsibility. What happens when you plan a vacation that you always wanted to do and no one can take care of your puppy?
What is sure is that in the years the relationship between the structures and the four-legged friends has improved significantly, although there are still many stories about derelictions of the animals especially in the summer season. But go to another Country with your pet is not always easy and often we don’t taken into account some behaviors that should be done, before the departure.
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1. Vet

The first thing useful to do to be safe throughout the holiday is to bring the dog to the vet. No one better than his doctor knows his physical condition and the doctor can give help and advices on which are the best solutions to make the journey to your pet.

2. Vaccinations

The vet will advise you how many and which vaccinations should make your pet before to “visit” a foreign country. Often the animal diseases are not the same of human beings. That by which you might be immune, it could hit him in a serious way.

viaggiare con gli animali_2 (2)3. Weather

Depending on the breed and the species of your pet you must take into account the temperature of the place will be your host. Pets suffer from climate change. For seasonal ones, for example, dogs are prepared by changing the hair. A shock from cold to hot or, the opposite, could make them weak. They cannot tell you they’re sick.

4. Passport

Even dogs need a passport. A valid ID The Pet Travel Scheme. Every nation has a different procedure to release it and some require the stamp of the veterinarian before travelling, to ensure the good health of the animal. For the photo will not be a problem, you have done many to your puppy.

5. State of the Host Country

Each country has its own laws and when you’re abroad you have to respect them. There are nations more pet-friendly than others. It is good practice to consult the rules before departure so as to avoid unpleasant surprises during the vacation.

6. Transportation

Once you’ve determined that your pet may come in all serenity and accompany you on your holiday, you should have a look on how to transport the animals. Private way, such as caravan or car, or public way as trains, planes, buses you must find out about precautions to take while traveling. Especially to public transport, it is necessary that your dog has the chip, if it is lost, and often you must also make a ticket specifically for him.

viaggiare con gli animali_2 (4)7. Accommodation

That you go to the hotel, hostel, in a private home or to go adventuring, you must know which and how many structures are prepared to accommodate your pet. Although the structures increased over the years, many do not accept animals, then draft, before you left, a list of places that are rewarding to be pet-friendly. Have a look also for the beaches, the museums and everywhere you want to go.

8. Boarding kennels

Your pet is always with you and that’s good for him, but some experiences could make him really stressed. What can the dog do, if you decide to do skydiving, or do a boat trip and he does not like water? Never to give up fully to do experience dedicated only to human, but at the same time do not to risk to leave the poor animal in the car or tied up somewhere. Look for boarding kennels in the area you will visit around. For your dog will be a day off in the company of his peers. If it’s sociable.

9. Vets in the area

Nobody wants to get sick on vacation, especially animals. But unfortunately sometimes it happens. Because you are far from his doctor or perhaps contact him becomes difficult, make a list of vets in the area. The vet doesn’t know your pet, but thanks to certificates and passports may have his medical records and give help in a time of difficulty.

10. Make many photos

More than one thing to know this is a fun tip, though perhaps superfluous. Back home, there is nothing better than to watch on the couch your holiday photos together with your dog.