Do you want to have a great time in Spain, and at the same time, improve your job skills? What about getting an internship in Madrid? The Spanish capital is a lovely city, where you are going to have the time of your life! (Trust me, I speak from experience; I am completing an internship abroad at ROOSTERGNN in Madrid right now!)

Since a lot of people have asked me how to follow in my footsteps, I have put together some useful tips so that you, too, can do the same.

Take the big leap and go abroad

First of all: do not be afraid to take the big step of leaving your hometown and going abroad. At the beginning, it can be difficult to live in another city with a different culture and language. However, after a few days, you will surely start to love living in a new city and making new friends. Interning abroad is a great experience, both on a personal and professional level.

Top tip: Interning at an agency like ROOSTERGNN allows you to meet fellow young people. On your first day, you can exchange Facebook and WhatsApp contact info with fellow interns, and meet up with them later or on the weekends! There is always something fun going on in Madrid. Here I’ll tell you a little bit more about why Madrid…

Why choose Madrid

Madrid | Flickr

Madrid | Flickr

In the Spanish capital you are spoiled for choice. Visit the Plaza Mayor, take a stroll in the Retiro Park, or go shopping in the Gran Vía. One of my fellow RGNN journalists just posted an article (in Spanish) about the opening of Primark, one of the most popular stores here in Madrid. You can visit it while you are here!

There’s also Madrid’s many museums, from the Prado (free for students under 25!) and the Reina Sofia. RGNN also has an article on Madrid’s lesser known museums if you are looking for alternative art.

If you prefer soccer, you can live the experience of visiting the famous Santiago Bernabeu stadium, where the Real Madrid plays, or the Atlético Madrid stadium, the Vicente Calderón. End your day eating tapas and sipping a beer (there are many bars where you order a beer, ask for a caña, and you will get a free tapa!)…all in all, immerse yourself in Madrid’s nightlife.

Top tip: If those are still not enough reasons for you to choose Madrid, ROOSTERGNN Director Isabel Eva Bohrer, wrote a useful article for National Geographic a while back. Check out here reasons for visiting Madrid here. 

When to start looking for an internship



It is important to start looking in advance. Normally, internship offers are published between six and three months before you start. Take your time to search carefully and find out the offer that best fits for you.

Top tip: RGNN also has a useful guide for putting together resumes when applying for jobs and internships in Spain. This format is not required for the RGNN Academy, but may come in useful if you are applying for other opportunities, especially those in Spanish. Note that the RGNN Academy is taught bilingually so only English OR Spanish is required. On your CV, make sure to mention any relevant experience you might have. Even if you have not had an internship before, mention leadership positions you have held at your university for example.

Where to find internships abroad in Madrid, Spain

Right now, ROOSTERGNN is already offering its Summer Journalism Internship Seminars, where you’ll spend two weeks immersed in the news agency. If you are passionate about journalism, check out the ROOSTERGNN Academy here. The seminar will give you the possibility to gain experience in a professional news agency and build your own portfolio of published work. 

Other useful sites for finding internships abroad in Spain include Indeed,, and Lots of people are not aware that the European Union offers to young Europeans the amazing opportunity to go intern abroad with a volunteering program. The EU provides reimbursement of travel expenses and the coverage of the costs of food and accommodation, but you must be affiliated with an organization that leads one of the programs.

Do I need to speak Spanish to intern in Madrid?

Do not worry if your Spanish is not excellent. In fact, as mentioned previously, at the RGNN Academy you are fine with just English. At many other organizations, speaking English is an advantage. Inquire beforehand whether you will need advanced Spanish language skills at the position you are applying for. I would always recommend acquiring at least basic Spanish language skills (ordering a bocadillo de jamón, or ham sandwich, will just be easier!).

Top tip: There are plenty of apps that can help you learn Spanish before you go. Check out Busuu or Duolingo, for example.

Do I need previous work experience to intern abroad in Madrid?

Depending on the program you are applying for, previous experience may or may not be required. For those interested in the RGNN Academy Journalism Internship Seminars, no previous experience is required.

Your internship in Madrid will probably be the first little step to open you the door to a great careerGood luck! Let us know if your research has been successful and connect with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. It would be great to see you here in Madrid!