The following article is published in the #RGNNMadrid Magazine: Vol. I, Summer 2017, produced during ROOSTERGNN Academy’s Travel Journalism & Photography Internship Seminar in Madrid, Spain, under the editorial direction of RGNN Expert and Mentor Al Goodman. Follow #RGNNMadrid for all of our Madrid coverage.

The locals in Madrid have their own unique styles, whether it is sophisticated, streetwear or conservative. No matter where you look, there will always be a runway on the go.

A woman wearing a cute white top, blue patterned shorts and red sandals. | Yayri Hazell

Being from America and coming to Madrid, I have noticed a huge difference in the summer styles here compared to back home. In Madrid, it is much more classy and sophisticated with a few women who have a streetwear style. A lot of women here are wearing ruffles, bright colors, and wild patterns that make you want to upgrade your style and dress like the Spaniards.

This past week I was able to hit the streets of Madrid and look into the different areas that this beautiful city has to offer. My first stop was the upscale neighborhood of Salamanca, because that’s where I’m staying. The women in this area dress very classy business wear with a casual twist. For example, they’re wearing oversized blazers, ruffles, chinos, feminine skirts, heels and or sneakers.

The women in Salamanca love to wear clothing that is a bit more on the conservative side, I take it because they feel as though it is a form of respect for themselves. Even on the hot summer days here, you will see women wearing light jackets or blazers for a way to cover themselves up and skirts and dresses and pants to give their outfits a feminine touch. Though you may see them wearing shorts, it is not that common, if anything they will be wearing shorts that have a cute pattern or a simple pastel color.


One thing about Madrid: you will definitely see a lot of patterns in the city. From stripes to polka dots, to bohemian patterns, Madrid women will show you how to dress up patterns. As I was traveling around Madrid, my next stop to see different women’s fashion was on Fuencarral street; the fashion district. Here I was able to stop an up-and- coming actress named Elena Gonzalez, 26 from the northern region of Asturias, Spain. Here she was able to answer a few of my questions about her style.

Elena Gonzalez | Yayri Hazell

1. How do you describe your style, What’s your influence/inspiration?

“I think I am quite casual, I try to wear clothes that I can work with because I am an actress and it really depends on what I have to do for the day, whether it is casting calls or shows, I am sometimes able to use clothes from productions. My influence are the people that I see on the street and definitely Instagram.”

2. What is your favorite statement piece(s)

I would have to say a white v-neck with a pair of jeans with cute shoes to pair them off”

3. Where do you normally shop for your clothes?

“Topshop, Prada and H&M.”

I had a great time interviewing Gonzalez about her fashion style and influences when she is on the go for her career. She was bubbly yet fierce and her outfit definitely shows it, too.

Shoes and Accessories are important!

Pretty in Pink. | Yayri Hazell

Accessories and shoes are very important to Madrid women, whether it is high heels or cute sandals, stylish earrings and a hat or a fan to cool you down from the hot summer heat. You won’t catch a woman here without one of these essentials. When it comes to shoes make sure you are wearing something that is cute but comfortable and definitely DO NOT wear flip flops, as those are meant for the pool and beach only. Like I said before, Madrid women like to keep it classy and so should you. So, you can wear some cute sneakers or sandals and if you’re feeling bold some cute heels to add some sophistication to your outfit.