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Just about anyone will admit that traveling the world is the ideal way to spend your life. Travel, though, is becoming more and more expensive; the cost of flights, food, and accommodations adds up quickly. However, there are a few ways to hack the system and actually get paid to explore the globe. Here’s the scoop on five easy ways to make money while traveling.

1. Work in the hospitality industry

Trade in your role as a tourist and become a local! Jobs in the hospitality industry are readily available, and often, no experience is necessary. Most jobs in hotels and restaurants include on-the-job training, so no need to search for extensive courses before you are hired. If you’re lucky enough to score a spot working in a hotel, you may even get free room and board. If you’re searching for a more permanent position, consider looking into the tourism industry. Spend your days with tourists anywhere in the world, providing expert advice or teaching visitors about the wonders of the area. Jobs in tourism are more difficult to obtain, as they are coveted positions, but with a degree in tourism – which more and more schools are adding to their undergraduate programs – you will stand out to your employer.

Check in with the company you’re looking to work with and confirm their requirements for getting hired.

If you’re friendly and accommodating, a job in the hospitality is the perfect way to get to know a new area of the world!

2. Teach English

Education in Tajikistan | Global Partnership for Education – GPE

Although English is only the third most-spoken language in the world, its usage is quickly rising, causing the demand for English teachers in foreign countries to soar. Usually, no previous teaching experience is required; however, if you want to have an edge over the competition, you may want to consider pursuing a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) accreditation certificate. Courses vary in price and duration, but many can be completed online. This industry is in dire need of help, so finding a job in the country of your dreams won’t be an issue. The stipend isn’t exceptional, so it’s important to start the job with the goal of helping people, not making money.

If you elect to teach in Eastern Europe or Eastern Asia, the wages tend to be significantly higher, up to $4000 a month.

For the patient, kind, and attentive vagabond, teaching English in a foreign country is the path to take.

3. House sitting

Consider house sitting as an option to travel to world! | Onasill ~ Bill Badzo

Although most house-sitting jobs abroad are unpaid, this is a great way to get free accommodations anywhere in the world! Many websites, including and connect homeowners and house sitters around the globe. If you’re house sitting long-term, it may be necessary to look into visa requirements and transportation options. It’s also a possibility that the homeowner has pets that need caretaking, so check in with each homeowner to see what your exact responsibilities will be. Once you obtain a job through a house-sitting website, you may want to consider finding a day job in the area for a little extra cash. However, if you already have money saved up or if the homeowner is willing to pay a stipend for your care, you can spend your time exploring the area and getting to know the local culture. This straightforward job is perfect for those looking to spend an extended amount of time in a country with lots of free time, so check out house sitting jobs around the world!

4. Au Pair

For many young travelers, there’s nothing better than becoming a au pair! Au pairs stay with a family in a foreign country, spending time with the children and often performing light housework.

Stipends are usually around $70 per 30 hours of work, and most families require about 30 hours of commitment a week.

Duties include taking the kids to school, helping with homework, completing chores, and cooking meals. Some families give their au pairs the weekends off, so you may be free to explore the country on Saturdays and Sundays. There are countless websites you can use to find an au pair position, including and You can narrow your search to meet your requirements, choosing the duration of stay, number of children you will watch, country you’d like to visit, and language spoken in the house. Au pairing is a wonderful way to improve your foreign language skills, get to know a new culture, and be adopted into a welcoming host family!

5. Blogging

Shooting Shibuya in Tokyo | Matthias Ripp

Travel writing is a difficult way to make money, but if you have talent and ambition, it’s a perfectly viable career. Before you can get paid to document your travels, you will likely have to build up a portfolio of work to show to possible employers. Stay on the lookout for internships and jobs that will publish your writing and improve your writing skills and experience before confronting a travel publisher. Practice documenting your day-to-day discoveries and present them as if you were writing for a tourist; visit museums, restaurants, and unusual attractions in your area. Once you feel comfortable enough with your writing, start submitting your work to travel blogs and magazines. You may get lucky and catch their eye, but if not, don’t get discouraged! Consider starting your own blog or website and search for funding from advertisers or sponsors. Make sure your ideas are new to the field and your perspective is fresh. Think about what you can offer that is different from all the other aspiring travel writers out there. With enough dedication, practice, and drive, you can make an exciting and adventure-filled career for yourself in the travel-writing industry!