Truly a nature lovers dream, Blackwater Falls State Park is the perfect destination for hiking, scenery, and fun. Located in the high-altitude town of Davis, West Virginia, this park is an easily accessible and navigable location for a proper adventure. My siblings and I quiet enjoyed our trip, and we hope to pass on our love for the park by providing some ideas for an eventful stay.

1. Nature Trails

Yellow Birch Trail | Sarah Stevenson

Blackwater Falls State Park boasts an array of twenty hiking trails at various levels of difficulty. Well-marked and cleared, these trails are perfect for a morning workout or evening stroll. My siblings and I traversed the Yellow Birch Trail two days in a row. This gorgeous trail connects to the famous Allegheny Trail, a 330 mile trail stretching through the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. Take an hour or two to relish in the trails lined with streams, marshes, woods, and wildlife.

2. Black River

Black River | Sarah Stevenson

The source of water for Blackwater Falls, the Black River is a small yet powerful force of nature. It is a great destination for fishing, hiking, and adventure. My brother Ethan and I had to check out this rocky river up close and personal, so we parked next to the tiny bridge overhanging the river and climbed down a steep hill to reach the bank. Upon arrival, we noticed the easy access to the middle of the rushing river. My eager brother quickly traversed the rocks to reach the giant boulder guarding the center of the site. I carefully followed, placing my steps with timidity around the rushing water. Once I reached center view of the river, it was a captivating experience. The water flowed in fierce action around us while the snow-covered forest hugged the banks.  It was the perfect place to face a little danger, snuggle up to a boulder, and listen to the sounds of nature.

3. Unexpected Adventures

Surprise Path | Becca Stevenson

Blackwater Falls will always surprise you with an unexpected adventure due to the proximity of attractions and trails. If it looks like it leads somewhere interesting, it most likely does. After finishing our photoshoot at Pendleton Point Overlook, we found a mysterious footprint trail in the snow. Being teenagers void of a map and sense of self preservation, we decided to follow the mysterious path down the side of the mountain. We discovered a shallow cave (pictured above) with the customary rock towers one expects to find on an Instagram feed. We wavered the photo opportunity to further our path and found an exquisite view of the river valley at the end of venture. Ethan hilariously practiced his Big Foot calls, and the mountains echoed back. The unexpected journey led us to what we searched for that day: laughter and good fun.

4. Pendleton Point Overlook

Pendleton Point Overlook | Becca Stevenson

Looking for danger? Excitement? Instagram goals? Look no further than Pendleton Point Overlook! This daring overlook provides the perfect view of Blackwater Canyon. Easily accessible from the main road of the park, this pitstop is a must see for anyone visiting Blackwater Falls. Don`t get too close to the edge!

5. Quiet Time

Stairway to the Falls | Sarah Stevenson

While there is never a dull moment at Blackwater Falls, there is also nearly never a quiet moment. During the winter season, the park maintains fewer crowds and even less noise. My group and I often found ourselves taken aback by the relative seclusion of the park. The quiet area was refreshing in comparison to the urban counterparts at home. This park truly serves as a place to quiet your mind and your time.

6. Incredible Waterfalls

Blackwater Falls | Becca Stevenson

The incredible Blackwater Falls are the must-see spot of the entire park! A long, winding staircase teases with the sounds of rushing water before visitors get to the falls. Upon arrival, we were in awe of the ferocity of this natural formation. The ice blanketing the falls was a nice touch to the Black River`s fifty seven foot drop.

7. Scenic Overlooks

The Hollows | Becca Stevenson

It wouldn’t be a tale about West Virginia without mentioning the mountains and the hollows! The elevation of the park is made quite clear by the mountaintop view above. We found plenty of roadside stops that begged tourists to take photos of the surrounding beauty. The mountains stretched to the end of the skyline, ensuring plenty of scenic views.

8. Rhododendron Leaves

Rhododendron Leaves | Becca Stevenson

The Rhododendron is the official West Virginia state flower and for good reason. This plant offers beautiful blooms bunched around the famous oval shaped leaves. At Blackwater Falls, the plant thrives along hiking trails, mountain sides, and river beds. We found the ourselves truly in the heart of West Virginia with these plants by our side.

9. Impromptu Photoshoots

Bubby | Becca Stevenson

Blackwater Falls is the perfect pitstop for any budding photographer! From mountains to waterfalls to overlooks, this park provides the variety and proximity of a natural wonder. We never found ourselves in want of a location for our photo antics.

10. Gratitude

Reach for the Sky | Becca Stevenson

As John Muir said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” Blackwater Falls gives unexpected clarity and gratefulness to anyone willing to listen to its story. By steadying ourselves in nature for a weekend, we developed a great sense of gratitude for the planet. It was a treasure to be able to walk among such beauty outside of our creation. We will never forget our trip and the sublime nature of that time.