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A trampoline is an excellent way to have fun, get fit and spend time with your family. But with such a huge range available on the market, how do you decide which one is the right one for you? How do you make sure you are getting excellent quality, but also good value for your money? And how do you make sure that your family is going to be safe while using it?

There are trampolines available in many shapes and many sizes, for all types of trampoline users. It is important to get the right one, which will allow your family to exercise through play, but also fit the space you have available, and still be right as your family grows or gets older. This guide is here to help.

All the reasons you should buy a trampoline

Buying a trampoline for your home is great. It can provide hours of fun, and is enjoyable for all ages, but especially children. After all, children love to bounce. Even the smallest babies first learn to bounce their legs before they can walk. And children of all ages, including the teenagers, just love when they get to go to the bounce park or soft play areas.

So why not bring all of that fun and enjoyment home, and buy your own trampoline for your very own garden. In these times of computer games, mobile tablet games and instantly available TV shows and movies, this is the perfect alternative to keep children entertained.

Not only that, it is perfect for encouraging children and adults alike to do some exercise – without ever actually knowing that they are doing it. This is because it is fun to do, it doesn’t feel like you need to make a particular effort to go to the gym, or go for a run. In fact it is just as beneficial for health and fitness, yet very convenient in your own home and something the whole family can do together.

Fitness in children is becoming a real issue, with so much processed sugar and high fat content food available, and less exercise being done. A trampoline can be the perfect answer to this, and something that will serve the whole family well for their whole lives. It builds motor skills such as balance, coordination, timing and spatial awareness.

First decide your specific requirements

The first thing is always going to be space. You need to measure how much space you have available, just as you would for any piece of indoor or outdoor furniture. Work out how large you can go, or at the very least how large you want to go.

Next, work out your budget. There are trampolines available to suit any budget so knowing what the average price range for them is usually a good first step in your research, and then deciding how much you ideally would like to spend.

You will also want to consider if you want an ‘in ground’ trampoline, or a standard above ground trampoline. If you are planning to have an ‘in ground’ trampoline, that is level with the ground around it rather than up on legs, you will need to consider what preparation you will need to do. You may need to pick up a spade and start digging in order to prepare for the trampoline arrival.

Finally have a think about the shape you need, as there are several options available, oval, rectangle or round. You can also buy junior versions that might be more suited to younger trampoliners, so also have a think about the age of those that will be using it.

Get to know the best brands and what they can offer

There are some excellent brands available on the market. Get to know who the main producers are and what they can offer. Particular in the area of safety provision.

For example, Telstar trampolines, who has a very wide range of shapes and sizes, was also one of the first manufacturers in the UK to comply with the EN-71 safety test that is a legal requirement. They are incredibly stringent in their quality control and have many years experience in trampoline manufacturing. They are also innovative in using the latest materials and techniques.

There are also the BERG models, which are renowned for using the strongest and safest materials for performance and durability, thick steel framework and super thick padding. They do huge amounts of testing before releasing a product to market and have well over 20 years of experience in manufacturing them. They also offer a warranty for your purchase.

Other well know brands include Jumpking, NISSEN, Plum, Supertramp and Upper Bounce, all of excellent quality and upholding the highest safety standards.

What about delivery and assembly?

A trampoline is no small item, and ordering online is the best option as the item can be delivered straight to your door, rather than try and fit it into the back of your car. It is not unusual for delivery to be very quick, within 48 hours on weekdays and not cost you any extra. Ideally it is also best to get home installation also. That way you can be sure that the item is put together by an expert who has a lot of experience with all the different models.

While not difficult to build, it can be time consuming or daunting. It can take around two hours for a fitter to build a trampoline, so it is a service well worth buying, especially if you don’t feel confident in how to build it. Just rely on the experts.

Don’t forget to also make sure you have the accessories you need, such as a ladder, a cover or a safety net if not already in the trampoline package you have chosen. A cover in particular is a good idea to protect the trampoline from the elements while in the garden all year round.

Once it has arrived and been built, you are ready to go. Get your family out into the garden and enjoy hours of happy bouncing!