Traveling solo can be considered a “dangerous” and “risky” endeavor. However, it can be extremely fulfilling and gratifying. How do you step out of your comfort zone and successfully make it as a solo traveler? How do you overcome unforeseen flight cancelations, challenges, having to reorganize your trip, food allergies, and many other possible obstacles? Stay tuned for a couple of tips for the solo traveler.

1. Prepare yourself

Choose a place where you want to go and do your research beforehand. Is your idea plausible? You are jumping to a whole new world; make sure you prepare yourself, acquiring all the information about the places you are visiting. Prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

2. Take a chance

You did your research, now pick the place, book your tickets, plan ahead at least a little – but yes, leave free travel time to wonder and explore when you’re on the go. P.S. Don’t forget your passport needs to be valid for more than 6 months to travel to most countries. Pack your bags, set, go!

3. Be bold and courageous

You are there, in a new country. Maybe you don’t speak the language, you don’t know the culture – yes, it can be scary. But keep in mind that you are not alone. The internet is a powerful tool, and you can always ask for help at reliable places, like at your hotel.

4. Be prepared for a challenge

Keep in mind that you will be stepping out of your comfort zone; your bubble might be about to pop, but this is OK. You might need to deal with getting sick, losing your phone or passport, or getting lost. But it’s ok to be challenged and have to problem-solve. Don’t be afraid. This will only build your character for the future.

Take pictures from the places | Gabriela Paris

5. Document and cherish

Experience the moment. Take pictures and videos, meet people, write about it, and breathe in the culture. Take notes for later, when you are feeling nostalgic in the future.

6. Explore, but don’t exhaust yourself

You are alone, and this means you can go at your own pace. Know your limits. Organize your scheduled based on the activities you want to complete, but don’t be upset if you don’t get to everything; you can always go back. Your health is more important than seeing everything.

7. Enjoy yourself

Remind yourself that you are experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Also, remember that when solo traveling, you’re never really alone! This is the time to make new friends. You are living unique moments – don’t take them for granted. Be positive and hold on for your ride!