Tourism in Central Europe is usually about visiting Prague in Czech Republic, Vienna in Austria, Budapest in Hungary, or some famous cities in Poland. Bratislava, which is the capital city of Slovakia, is also a known destination for tourists. But what about the other destinations in Slovakia?

I have visited some towns in the western and northern parts of Slovakia, and I’ll be sharing with you some of the photos that I took there. So, here are some of the places which make the country of Slovakia a hidden gem.

1. Terchová

This is one of the most beautiful towns in Slovakia. Terchová is 20 minutes away from Žilina and is simply a natural heaven. From mountains, to natural springs, to forests, you can’t stop enjoying its beauty.

Terchová | Hiba Safieddine

In addition, make sure to plan a hiking journey at the Janosik Gorge Natural Reserve to live an unforgettable adventure experience at the “Slovak Jungle.”

Slovak Jungle | Hiba Safieddine

2. High Tatras

Located on the Slovak-Polish borders, High Tatras is one of the longest mountain chains in Europe after the Alps. A hiking trip at the High Tatras is a must! You’ll enjoy the discovery of many lakes situated between the mountains – and, of course, the magnifique views from the top.

High Tatras | Hiba Safieddine

In case you’re not a hiking fan, you can still enjoy the trip by planning a lunch near a lake and down the beautiful mountains.

3. Orava

Home of the most beautiful castle in Slovakia, Orava is a small town situated in northern Slovakia.

Orava | Hiba Safieddine

Orava castle dates back to the 13th century. In addition of having a great view over the village from the castle, it’s considered as a great destination for Dracula fans!

Orava Castle | Hiba Safieddine

4. Bojnice Castle

Known to be the fairytale castle of Slovakia, Bojnice Castle dates back to the medieval period. You can enjoy a beautiful cheap tour inside the castle. And make sure to take a walk around it and visit the famous zoo beside the castle.

Bojnice Castle | Hiba Safieddine

5. Budatin Castle

Another small, yet beautiful castle, Budatin is also an old castle located in Žilina. A huge park surrounds the castle where you can spend a romantic time there at any hour of the day.

Budatin Castle | Hiba Safieddine

6. Žilina River

While you are around Budatin Castle, you must visit the famous river of Žilina. There, you can enjoy some water activities, or a simple walk around it while enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains.

Žilina River | Hiba Safieddine

7. Lietava Castle

Located on the Súľov Mountains of northern Slovakia, Lietava Castle is one of the biggest castle ruins in Slovakia. The views from the top are spectacular, and they are definitely worth the short walk on the hill.

Lietava Castle | Hiba Safieddine

8. Strečno Castle

Located on the left part of the Váh river, close to Žilina, Strečno Castle dates back to the 14th century, and is located on top of a hill.

Strečno Castle is on a hill | Hiba Safieddine

The castle is considered small compared to other castles in the region. However, make sure to take the castle tour to watch the live performance of an instrumentalist there and enjoy the view of the mountains and the river on top of it. Trust me, it’s worth it!

9. Trenčin Castle

Located above the town of Trenčin in western Slovakia, Trenčin Castle’s history goes back to the Roman Empire in 179 AD. Besides its architectural and artistic beauty, the upper part of the castle gives a fantastic view over the town of Trenčin.

View from Trenčin Castle | Hiba Safieddine

10. Bratislava

The eye-catching capital of Slovakia is also one of the country’s most fabulous cities. You can enjoy a full day in the capital while visiting its old city center, presidential palace, Danube river, statues, churches, and finally – and most importantly – the beautiful Bratislava castle.

Bratislava Castle | Hiba Safieddine