Our Travel Journalism, Photography & Video Internship and Mentoring Program in Havana and Trinidad, Cuba, -which includes Editorial Meetings, Mentoring Sessions, Feedback, Journalism, Photography & Video Workshops and more,- culminates in the publication of the #RGNNCuba Magazine.

Vol. IV, Summer 2019

Vol. IV, Summer 2019 was produced under the editorial direction of RGNN Expert and Mentor Juanjo Montanary. Students moreover received photography feedback during interactive workshops with RGNN Experts and Mentors Julio C. Muñoz and Adalberto Roque.

Each student who participated in the Travel Journalism, Photo & Video Internship and Mentoring Program produced a total of two articles, -one about the colonial town of Trinidad and the other about the Cuban capital, Havana,-  as well as a photography portfolio documenting life in Cuba.

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Table of Contents


Sincerely, Cuba  | Alicia Kay | published August 5, 2019


Cuba’s Battle Between Santería and Commercialization  | Sydney Westrick | published August 6, 2019



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