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Best Pulse Points to Apply Fragrance

Best Pulse Points to Apply Fragrance

Silvia Garcia

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Fragrance plays an amazing role in how others appreciate and remember you; it’s an integral part of your personal elegance. Using or applying fragrance is an art that you can easily master. It’s just a matter of simple guidance on how to, when to, and where to apply it properly.

In general, you should apply fragrance to the pulse points from where heat is emitted, or the warmest areas of your body (behind the ear, base of the throat, inside your wrist, and many more). Previously, people have applied perfume to the armpit, but that doesn’t really work. Perfume works its best on the heat producing pulse points of our body. So, let’s see where we should apply fragrances. And if you’re looking for a new fragrance to try, consider By Kilian’s Angel Share from Alla Violetta Boutique.

Wrist point

Kneading your fragrance and scrubbing it into your skin will destroy its delicacy. Just spray and let it be settled. Apply it inside your wrist.

Behind your ear

Applying fragrance on pulse points can help it last longer on your body. You should spray it behind your ear (not on your ear).

On your chest

Cologne scent mixes best with body chemistry when your skin is moist. Dry skin isn’t that effective in absorbing fragrances. Spray fragrance on moisturized areas of your body.

At the base of your throat

This is another active spot. Make sure to apply it onto your skin, not your clothes. Apply it on the base of your throat along your collarbones.

On your elbow points

One tip is to apply fragrance right after toweling off from a shower. Just take a shower and apply fragrance on the pulse points – nothing else!

Behind your knee

Pulse points emit heat, which help fragrance to develop faster. Don’t apply too much of it, though, it might be too overwhelming and people around you to start sneezing.

Congrats! You’ve now mastered the art of applying fragrances. No more waiting, just apply the fragrance in the proper way and boost your confidence level!

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