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Septum Rings: Guide to a Gothic Look

Septum Rings: Guide to a Gothic Look

Syeda Humira Monir Purni

Septum piercings might sound scary, but it looks too good if you’re aiming for a gothic look. From some of our favorite celebs to our own friends, we’ve all seen someone rock a punk look. If you are brave enough to get that piercing done, go ahead! As for me, I chose an alternative to piercing and bought a non-pierced septum ring. 

My Look

Septum Rings: Guide to Gothic Look | Syeda Humira Monir Purni

As you can see here, I’m wearing my most favorite septum ring and I haven’t even pierced my nose! But it’s surely a looker, and I’ve successfully fooled everyone to think that it’s real. 

Goth Makeup

Black lipstick and a septum ring could get you an easy goth look without much effort. You could even get a matching haircut!

Celebs With Septum Piercings

Did you know that your favorite celebrities like Rihanna and Zendaya have tried septum piercings as well! This should definitely convince you to get that bold look, right?

Where to Buy

You can get your many styles of septum rings from Amazon by clicking on this link.

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