Need-Based Financial Aid

Ryann Castro and Kaitlyn Norris, two friends who attended our Internship & Mentoring Program in Madrid, summer 2017


In order to support the future of journalism education, RGNN Academy is offering Financial Aid for groups of students that apply and enroll in RGNN Academy programs.

If you enroll in an RGNN Academy program and bring a friend, you will receive 150 Euros of Financial Aid. You will receive 150 Euros of Financial Aid for every friend you bring. The friend(s) that you bring with you will also receive 150 Euros of Financial Aid. The Financial Aid will be deducted from your financial tuition fee payment.

Need-based financial aid is currently ONLY available for the INTERNSHIP & MENTORING PROGRAM IN MADRID, SPAIN.

There is currently NO NEED-BASED FINANCIAL AID available for the BOOTCAMPS.


Financial aid is need-based. You will be asked to submit the following:

Required. A copy of your most recent tax return (yours or your parents’).

Optional. If you are currently being awarded any need-based scholarships, financial aid, grants or other funding at your current university, please attach a copy of this funding source as well.

Legal note. All applications for scholarships and financial aid are subject to availability and the selection process of RGNN Academy. All applications for funding options, including financial aid, must be submitted together with the application for the corresponding program, before formalizing enrollment. RGNN Academy reserves the right to modify the terms of this offer, the updated version of which will be available at https://rgnn.org/academy/financial-aid. In the case of Ambassadors, they are responsable for any fees that PayPal imposes.

Sophia Laws and Jessica Lee, two friends who attended our Internship & Mentoring Program in Cuba, summer 2017


Note. In the event that ROOSTERGNN has provided you with a translation of the Spanish version of this document, you accept that such a translation is provided solely for your convenience, and in your relationship with ROOSTERGNN, the Spanish version of this document prevails in any case.




Need-based financial Aid is for groups of students. We also offer need-based scholarships for individual applicants, please click the button below.

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