Paid Content Packages

ROOSTERGNN Academy is offering credits for our hands-on training programs, including our Internship & Mentoring Programs. The credits are in the form of “paid content packages”, a work-study option.

We hope that this will provide talented students from all over the world the opportunity to pursue hands-on journalism, communications and marketing education programs. All applications for funding options, including paid content packages, must be submitted together with the application for the corresponding program, before formalizing enrollment.

Types of paid content packages.

RGNN is currently considering pitches for the following types of articles for paid content packages:

Please see the writer’s guidelines for specifications and examples.

Please take the time to read the RGNN writer’s guidelines and make sure that your content is on-topic, has not been covered before (search RGNN before you submit), and does not have grammar and spelling mistakes. Given the volume of submissions received, we will only respond to pitches for paid content packages of interest.

In the case of paid content packages, RGNN acquires the first time and exclusive rights to your content, meaning you cannot republish it elsewhere.

Paid content writers are responsable for providing their own images for their articles.

Stipend and tuition fee credits.

The stipend for writers is 125 Euros for five articles, submitted within five weeks.

The stipend is deducted from the final payment of the tuition fee for the ROOSTERGNN program in which the student has enrolled.

Please pitch your stories for paid content packages in the form below.

The Editor designated by ROOSTERGNN will assign the final list of topics, taking into account the pitches made by the writer and avoiding duplicate coverage of topics among contributors, without losing sight of the topics of interest for the news agency.


LEGAL FRAMEWORK. The RGNN.ORG Programs for new writers are governed by the rules of convocation, in its latest version published by the agency, by the rules of the RGNN.org platform http://rgnn.org/en/terms and by the legislation in force in the Kingdom of Spain. ROOSTERGNN may make use of this material on its websites, social networks and promotions in general. Participants in the Program authorize ROOSTERGNN, said sole use and expressly agree to comply with this Legal Framework.

The economic rights of the Program are consolidated with full compliance with the “paid content packages”. It is the responsibility of the participants to deliver to ROOSTERGNN original and true documentation and by the required deadlines. ROOSTERGNN reserves the right to exclude from the Program participants who do not respect the norms, the ideology of the Program or the personnel in charge. The exclusion of the Program entails the loss of any unconstrained economic rights. ROOSTERGNN reserves the right to modify the conditions of the “Content Packages” according to the needs of the agency.

This document cancels any other previously submitted or published.

Updated on October 18, 2017.

Note to contributors: RGNN’s Academic Board of Directors is publishing the first RGNN.org Style Guide, which will take effect on January 1, 2019: https://rgnn.org/style-guide.