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ROOSTERGNN has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Guardian, National Geographic and El País. ROOSTERGNN journalists have gone on to write for The Huffington Post and Reuters, amongst others.

ROOSTERGNN Global News Network (, a non-profit news agency promoting freedom of expression, is recruiting university journalism contributors. The goal: to bring future journalists closer to the real-life responsibilities of a journalist at a news agency.


  • Pitch a monthly calendar of content (articles, interviews, photostories, videos, etc.)
  • Publish at least one piece of content (articles, interviews, photostories, videos, etc.) per month in one of the following channels:
    • Gobernanza. Politics, Economy & Business.
    • Innovation. Science, Tech & Education.
    • Espectaculart. Art, Culture & Sports.
    • Glamour. Fashion, Lifestyle, Social Media, Celebrities.
    • GapBrave. Travel (Global).
    • MADbudget. Travel guide to Madrid, Spain (this channel is only for those based in Madrid)
  • The content can be published in English or Spanish.
  • Excellent writing skills required in the language you are requesting to write in.
  • The articles, interviews, feature stories should always be adapted for the web and optimized for SEO.
  • The articles must be accompanied by their respective visuals (images, photos, videos, infographics, etc.) for publication.
  • The selected candidates must share their published content on their own social media profiles.


  • Network with journalists worldwide. Regular contributors (at least one article per month) will be able to form part of a global network of journalists, with access to a private Facebook group exclusively for young journalists.
  • Access to 500 Euro scholarships. Moreover, students who publish a minimum of three articles on will be given preference for our 500 Euro scholarships ( for one of our hands-on Internship Seminars in Madrid, Spain, or Cuba:
  • Access to press passes and accreditations. In addition, regular contributors will be able to request press passes and accreditations for events (e.g. fashion shows, concerts, museum exhibits, etc.) in your city or region. The type of press pass you can request will depend on the section you have been writing for (e.g. fashion related press passes for the Glamour section, politics related press passes for the Gobernanza section, etc.). The possibility of requesting press passes will be determined by our Editors and will depend on the quality of your articles (higher quality means it is more likely you will obtain passes, obviously).

Please read the full writer’s guidelines here before submitting.

Read contributor guidelines before submitting

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