Contributor Guidelines

What is RGNN?

ROOSTERGNN Global News Network ( is a non-profit news agency promoting freedom of expression and journalism education.

ROOSTERGNN has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Guardian, National Geographic and El País. ROOSTERGNN journalists have gone on to write for The Huffington Post and Reuters, amongst others.

Which RGNN channels (sections) can I contribute to?

All RGNN channels (sections) are open for submissions:

  • Gobernanza. Politics, Economy & Business.
  • Innovation. Science, Tech & Education.
  • Espectaculart. Art, Culture & Sports.
  • Glamour. Fashion, Lifestyle, Social Media, Celebrities.
  • GapBrave. Travel (Global).
  • MADbudget. Travel Guide to Madrid, Spain.
  • Drafts. As stated in the statement explaining our 3.0 website, a section titled “Drafts” has beencreated for articles from beginners. The qualification or not of beginner will be according to the quality and level of writing of the articles submitted by the contributor. One way of improving one’s writing skills are the Internship Seminars of ROOSTERGNN Academy.

What kinds of stories is RGNN looking for?

Feature articles

All sections are open for longer, in-depth feature articles. Feature articles discuss one single topic and should include at least two (2) interview sources, with quotes incorporated throughout the article. Please note that your friends and family cannot be considered sources. If you mention a series of places (e.g. restaurants in a travel piece) throughout your article, please include a fact box with contact information at the end.

Word count: 750-1200 words.

Example of a feature article:

“Havana’s Package Has Arrived: El Paquete Semanal”

Blog posts

All sections are open for blog posts, meaning conversational tone posts, sometimes written in the first person. You do not have to interview sources for a blog post, but facts must be accurate. If you mention a series of places (e.g. restaurants in a travel piece) throughout your article, please include a fact box with contact information at the end.

Word count: 750-1200 words.

Example of a blog post:

“Everything You Need to Know About the Japan Rail Pass”


List articles, also known as “listicles” are especially popular for the following channels:

Lists should cover between 5-25 items, each item with a heading, image and brief description. You do not have to interview sources for a blog post, but facts must be accurate.

Word count: 750-1200 words.

Examples of list articles:

“Working Abroad in Australia: 5 Simple Steps Before You Go”

“10 Celebrities Everyone Should Follow on Snapchat”

Op-ed articles

All channels are open for open for opinion articles, but the Gobernanza (Politics and Economy) channel lends itself naturally to op-eds. Op-ed pieces should be related to a current news event (but should not be a breaking news article in themselves), and provide information as to why the author has a point of view that is relevant to the event (e.g. a student writing an opinion about recent cutbacks in student loans in his or her country). Op-eds should include one feature image and several photos throughout. Interviewing sources is optional, but recommended. Incorporating statistics and other external research is also highly recommended. For a complete guide on writing op-ed articles, please click here.

Word count: 750-850 words.

Examples of a op-ed articles:

“Vogue, Move Over: Influencers on the Runway”

“Yearning for the Magic Mountain”


RGNN is looking for original interviews with experts for all channels. The interview should include a brief introduction in which the author introduces the interview subject, followed by 5-8 questions and a biography of the interview subject. The interview should include one feature image and several photos throughout.

Word count: will depend on in the interview answers, can be up to 2,500 words.

Examples of interviews:

Meet RGNN Expert and Mentor Denis Doyle

“The Fight for Human Rights in 2014”

Photo stories

The following channels are ideal for photo stories:

A photo story should include between 8-15 original photos, each with a brief caption, as well as an overarching introduction of about 150-200 words.

#RGNNadvisor content

The #RGNNadvisor section covers useful advice for journalists and media professionals, aiding them in becoming better communicators.

We are looking for the following types of stories for the #RGNNadvisor section:

  • Feature articles. In-depth how-to and tutorial articles to help future journalists and communicators to pursue their dream jobs. Example: “How to Prepare Your Application for an Internship Abroad”
  • Blog posts. Shorter posts, usually linking to external sources, to help future journalists and communicators pursue their dream jobs. Example: “How to Edit Your Instagram Photos Like a Fashion Blogger”. Blog posts can also feature specific career opportunities, e.g. a publication that is looking for pitches, and instructions on how journalists can submit stories there.
  • Lists. List articles, for example a list of scholarships available for journalists in 2018.
  • Interviews with experts. Interviews with journalists, editors, bloggers, digital influencers, communicators, social media marketers, community managers, etc., gaining insights on their career and what advice they can give to aspiring journalists and communicators. Example: “An Internship Abroad is Worth More than a 4.0 GPA”.
  • Opportunities. Opportunities for aspiring journalists, communications professionals, marketers, influencers, photographers, videographers, etc. See examples here. Specifically, we are looking for the following types of opportunities:
    • Internship (paid or unpaid)
    • Job (paid)
    • Freelance Opportunity (paid)
    • Volunteer Opportunity (unpaid)
    • Press Trip
    • Course/Training
    • Conference/Event
    • Contest/Award
    • Scholarship/Grant/Fellowship

Social media content

Ideal contributors are active members of the RGNN community on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube).

We are looking for contributors who can not only share their content on their personal social media profiles, but also create content specifically for social media, for example:

  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram posts (photos, videos, GIFs, boomeranges)
  • Motivational quotes for Twitter, etc.

Please follow @rooster_gnn on Instagram to view the kinds of Instagram posts we are going to be publishing.

From contributors, we are looking for:

Types of Instagram posts.

  • Travel photos from all over the world.
  • Travel photos specifically from Madrid, Spain, Havana and Trinidad, Cuba, and New York City, U.S.A.
  • Fashion photos featuring a contributor and his or her particular style/outfit of the day.
  • Photos must be high quality and fit the current style of photos that @rooster_gnn publishes.
  • Photos must be submitted in .jpg format, 1080×1080 px., square format.
  • Ideally, we are looking for photos with people in them (i.e. you as a contributor, posing, for example, on the Brooklyn Bridge)
  • Graphic designers may also pitch designs for our upcoming educational programs, please contact us for more information.
  • The photos must be submitted to RGNN (via Slack for weekly contributors and via email for monthly contributors) and will be published on the @rooster_gnn Instagram account.

Types of Instagram stories.

  • Fashion/beauty content. Some ideas include:
    • Round-ups of images on trends (e.g. trends from Fashion Week, trends at your university, etc.). Templates for formatting can be provided, please contact us.
    • Videos/boomerangs of outfits of the day #ootd from our different contributors around the world.
  • #RGNNadvisor content. Some ideas include:
    • Useful career tips for young journalists, communicators, marketers, social media managers, influencers, etc.
    • Templates for formatting can be provided, please contact us.
    • Events at your university or in your city, ore ven interviews with experts in your area, can also be covered.
  • Travel content. Some ideas include:
    • 24 hours in London. A contributor based in London takes us around the city and shows us the different sites/places to go if you are there for a day.
  • Event content.
    • We may accredit specific contributors to cover events (e.g. related to fashion, career events or specific events in the cities below). The posts should include an introduction (Hi guys, I’m Ana, I will be taking you behind the scenes at Vogue Fashion Night out in Madrid tonight) and then photos/videos/Boomerangs from the event).
  • Madrid/Havana/Trinidad/NYC content.
    • Content specifically from these cities. If you are based in one of these cities or traveling there, you can pitch us Instagram stories covering travel tips, events, etc.
  • The photos must be submitted to RGNN (via Slack for weekly contributors and via email for monthly contributors) and will be published on the @rooster_gnn Instagram account.

Note. When pitching and submitting content for Instagram, please keep in mind that our target audience is female, from 18-24 years old.

Do I have to provide my own images?

All stories should be accompanied by their respective visuals (photos, images, infographics, etc). As stated in the RGNN terms, it is the author’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has the rights to the images he or she submits for publication.

If you do not have your own images, please consult this link here for a guide for finding Creative Commons images.

Photos must be sized 750 x 500 px. and submitted in jpg format.

Videos can be embedded, please provide the embeddable link (e.g. from Youtube).

Instagram posts and tweets can also be embedded, please provide the embeddable links.

Can I publish previously published content?

No, all content must be original and published for the first time on Your content cannot have been published previously elsewhere, including your personal blog/website/etc.

In what language does publish content? currently publishes content in English and Spanish. Exceptionally, in 2015, we published an Italy Special in Italian.

What level of quality should an article have for

As a platform based on freedom of expression, does not censor content. As stipulated in the terms of the platform (, each contributor is responsible for both the content and the quality of the texts (spelling, writing, comprehension, etc.) sent to the platform for publication. always reserves the right to withdraw or not publish those writings that do not meet the minimum quality standards required for understanding them.

Note. If you are interested in advertising your products or services on, please contact for sponsored content options. integrates the amounts of all sponsored collaborations in the RGNN Academy scholarship fund.

All collaboration with ROOSTERGNN includes the commitment to respect the terms of use of the RGNN.ORG platform in its latest published version.

Note to contributors: RGNN’s Academic Board of Directors is publishing the first Style Guide, which will take effect on January 1, 2019: