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ROOSTERGNN Global News Network (RGNN.org) is a non-profit news agency promoting freedom of expression and journalism education.

ROOSTERGNN has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Guardian, National Geographic and El País. ROOSTERGNN journalists have gone on to write for The Huffington Post and Reuters, amongst others.


What type of content does RGNN publish?

Please read the full writer’s guidelines here.

Read contributor guidelines here

Note to contributors: RGNN’s Academic Board of Directors is publishing the first RGNN.org Style Guide, which will take effect on January 1, 2019: https://rgnn.org/style-guide.

How can I start contributing?

There are three ways to contribute to RGNN.

#1. Submit a single article for publication on RGNN.org.

Submit a single article for publication on RGNN.org

#2. Become a regular contributor for RGNN.org (weekly or monthly).

Depending on the quality of their content, regular weekly contributors may obtain access to accreditations and press passes for covering events in their city and/or region.

Become a regular contributor for RGNN.org

#3. Pitch and write a paid content package of five articles, one article per week for five weeks, and get paid a stipend of 125 U.S. dollars, paid via PayPal upon publication.

Pitch a paid content package

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All collaboration with ROOSTERGNN includes the commitment to respect the terms of use of the RGNN.ORG platform in its latest published version.