All students who fully enroll for the Internship Seminar in Cuba Summer 2018 before February 15, 2017 will receive a prize of 250 CUC (equivalent to 250 U.S. dollars) as pocket money on the first day of the Internship Seminar. With this measure, RGNN Academy will be able to increase the advance payments to Cuban families.

Boost your CV with a great adventure.

Just announced:

July 2-15, 2018.

Tuition Fee: 3,500 Euros. Scholarships of up to 500 Euros available.

Open to all nationalities, including U.S. students. 

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An educational travel program to Cuba, in a historic moment, unprecedented and unrepeatable. Journalism immersion in the local Cuban lifestyle, residing in two of its most emblematic cities, both of them declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Havana and colonial Trinidad.

Training with Experts and Mentors, acquiring the latest Journalism skills through Editorial Meetings, Journalism Workshops, Photography and Video Workshops, Mentoring and Feedback Sessions. Students produce their own magazine about Cuba, which will be published in the news agency.

Upon completion of the Internship Seminar, graduate with a Portfolio of Publications, a Journalism, Photography and Video Internship Seminar Certification, a Certification of Academic Credit and a Letter of Recommendation of Merit, if applicable.

Cultural immersion and “people-to-people” contact at “boutique style” Cuban homes with Cuban families are the defining pillars of this program, which is complemented with multiple events, including site visits to local projects, city tours, and guided excursions. Airport pick-up, drop-off, in-country transportation, accommodation, food (daily breakfast and lunch) and 24 hour bilingual (English and Spanish) local emergency support is included.

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Classic cars in Trinidad, Cuba. Pictured above: RGNN Expert and Mentor Benjamin Jones with the Winter 2017 Edition

What’s included.

  • Journalism, Photography & Video Program with RGNN Editor (see bios here).
    • Welcome Packet.
    • Orientation.
    • Editorial Meetings. Students pitch ideas for articles at the meetings with the Editor of our magazine.
    • Group Mentoring Sessions. Students receive mentoring from our Editor, who will discuss the progress students have made on their articles.
    • Group Feedback Sessions. Students receive hands-on feedback on their articles from our Editor.
  • Publish your own Magazine!
    • Each student will produce a series of articles about Havana and Trinidad. The articles are published in the ROOSTERGNN magazine in digital format, with the student’s byline on all of his/her articles and photographs. The “travel journalism” concept refers to journalism while traveling. Students can create content for all of the following channels of the news agency:
      • Gobernanza. Politics, Economy & Business.
      • Innovation. Science, Tech & Education.
      • Espectaculart. Art, Culture & Sports.
      • Glamour. Fashion, Lifestyle, Social Media, Celebrities.
      • GapBrave. Travel (Global).
  • Journalism Workshops with RGNN Expert and Mentor.
    • “Travel Writing 101: Potential Markets, Picking a Destination, Landing an Assignment”.
    • “Get Paid to Travel: Taking Your Travel Writing Career (and Income!) to the Next Level”.

RGNN Academy student Schehrazada Parro obtaining hands-on feedback from RGNN Photography Expert and Mentor Julio C. Muñoz

  • Photography and Video Workshops with RGNN Experts and Mentors.
    • “Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Achieve Better Street Photography”.
    • “Documenting Trinidad, Cuba’s 500 Year-Old Spanish Colonial UNESCO World Heritage Site.”
    • “Cuba in Photos: Capturing the Iconic History of Havana”
    • “Prepping Your Cuba Photos for Publication: Feedback Session”
  • Cultural Immersion Program.
    • UNESCO World Heritage City Tours, Site Visits and Guided Excursions.
      • UNESCO City Tour: Havana.
      • UNESCO City Tour: Trinidad.
      • UNESCO City Tour: Cienfuegos.
      • Excursion to Playa Ancón (beach) or Valle de los Ingenios, depending on the weather.
  • Accommodation in “boutique” style houses with Cuban host families.
    • Six (6) nights in Havana, Cuba. Seven (7) nights in Trinidad, Cuba.
  • Food: Half-board.
  • Daily breakfast.
  • Daily lunch OR dinner.
  • Transportation in-country, airport pick-up and drop-off.
    • Transportation to all program-related activities.
    • Transportation Havana-Trinidad-Havana.
    • Airport pick-up and drop-off from Havana airport.
  • Local emergency support: 24 hours, bilingual (English and Spanish).

Accommodation in “boutique” style Cuban colonial homes is included in the Internship Seminar. All houses include a large working space (either a patio or rooftop terrace) so students can work on their articles. Pictured above: Taylor Robinson (Class of 2017) working on her articles in Trinidad, Cuba

Academic & curricular benefits.

Completing the program allows students to obtain the following academic or curricular documentation:
  • Certification of Portfolio of Published Content.
  • Letter of Recommendation of Merit, if applicable.
  • Internship Seminar Certification specializing in Travel Journalism, Photography & Video.
  • Certification of Academic Credit. 40 hours/week. 80 hours total.
  • Processing of University Agreements and/or other External Documentation for Academic Credit (optional and subject to approval by ROOSTERGNN).


The following programs are currently accepting applications:

  • July 2-15, 2018.

RGNN Academy student James Rae (Class of 2017) enjoying the Playa Ancón beach excursion

Tuition fee.

3,500 Euros.

Scholarships & financial aid.

Scholarships of up to 500 Euros available for individual applicants. Please apply here for a scholarship.

Financial aid is available for groups of students (e.g. if you are applying with a friend). Please apply here for financial aid.


Please contact academy@roostergnn.org with questions.

Useful links.

view full program details here!

Application deadline: Spots for the Cuba program are extremely limited. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applications will close once the program is full.

Selection process: The selection process is rigorous and includes a Skype interview for all candidates of interest. Previous journalism experience is not required, but a passion for travel journalism and/or photography is a must. Open to students, recent graduates, and aspiring travel journalists and photographers.

Language: All of the Experts and Mentors are bilingual. To participate in the Seminars, it is required that students have knowledge of at least ONE of these languages. Students can choose to write their articles in English, Spanish or both (English-Spanish).

Group size: Feedback at ROOSTERGNN Academy is hands-on. For this reason, all of our Internship Seminars are extremely selective and limited to 16 students.

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Update June 19, 2017. Note for U.S. students. Program open to all nationalities, including U.S. students.

Travels from the U.S. to Cuba. Pre-Authorized for Twelve Categories.

The Department of Treasury of the United States has published general licenses which include educational activities and the carrying out of workshops in a group format (please see: https://cu.usembassy.gov/es/u-s-citizen-services-es/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens-es/viajes-a-cuba/ ).

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I understand that there are 500 Euro scholarships (https://rgnn.org/academy/scholarships), 300 Euro financial aid for groups of students, 150 Euros per student (https://rgnn.org/academy/financial-aid) and work-study paid content packages of 125 USD, equivalent to around 105 Euros (http://rgnn.org/paid-content-packages) available. Any scholarships/financial aid/paid content packages will always be deducted from the final tuition fee payment, not from the deposit.

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