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How To Get Invited to Art Basel as a Content Creator/Influencer

How To Get Invited to Art Basel as a Content Creator/Influencer

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Ever since I published my latest recap on Art Basel, also known as “the Superbowl of the art world,” my IG DMs have been filled with questions on how to get invited. There are several ways to get invited, and since many of you who asked are content creators/influencers, let’s get straight into it.

Art Basel invites a limited number of content creators/influencers in Basel, Paris, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong.

The next shows will be in Paris (October 2024) and Miami Beach (December 2024), and you can already start prepping your application materials.

Just another sunny day at Art Basel | Photo credit:

How to apply as a content creator

  • Submit a written proposal of the content you wish to create about or at the show, including subject matter and format types (with links to examples of relevant past work, if applicable). You will need to submit this in PDF format in the application form on the Art Basel website. 

  • You will also need to submit the link to your social media profile(s) (you choose which social media network; I would recommend always putting your strongest platform) on the application form. 

  • Send a DM to @artbasel on Instagram and/or TikTok from your social media account to verify that you own the account; please include details from your written proposal in your message. (I also highly suggest following @artbasel to stay in the loop about upcoming events, talks and more).

When to apply

Applications for accreditations usually open a few weeks before the shows start, check the Art Basel website to see when they open (go to Press —> Accreditation; you will then need to create an account).

Note: applications must be submitted 5 business days prior to the opening of the show; new applications will not be reviewed during the week of the show. (My personal recommendation is to apply as soon as applications open on the website; this way, you will have time to receive a response, book a hotel, restaurant reservations, etc. For my full tips on attending Art Basel, read my column here).

One of my personal favorites from Art Basel 2024, Derek Fordjour’s “Red Queen’s Race” (2023), represented by Petzel Gallery | Video credit:

Final tips for applying

  • Past work is so important; if you have no record of creating content in relation to the art world, start now. Go to museums, go to galleries, create videos, content, reviews and start building your portfolio.
  • If you are going with a fellow content creator, you will each need to submit an application.
  • If you need to go with a photographer/videographer to shoot your content, you will each need to submit an application (explain in your PDF application why you need the other person to come and what he/she will be shooting; here, relevant past work can come in really handy).
  • Keep in mind also that accreditations are non-transferable, that means that if you need a photographer/videographer you need to know the full name of the person when submitting the application.
  • Spots are limited so if you do not get it this year, keep trying!

More information on the Art Basel website.

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