ROOSTERGNN Global News Network is a non-profit news agency that promotes freedom of expression and journalism and communications education.

Founded in 2013, the RGNN.org news agency platform publishes fashion, beauty and career content by and for the most stylish students from over 400 universities worldwide.

Committed to training the next generation of communications professionals, ROOSTERGNN has its own Academy, providing students from all over the world the opportunity to obtain real-world experience and the necessary tools to pursue a career in the worlds of journalism, communications and more. At ROOSTERGNN Academy, there are no traditional classrooms and conventional lectures; instead, students train directly under the tutelage of our prestigious Experts and Mentors, receiving hands-on feedback and acquiring ever-more important practical experience in the latest communication technologies. We offer hands-on Academy training programs in Madrid, Spain, and Cuba.

For us, everything is about people and communication. We are passionate about all forms of expression that unite human beings. That is why we created the ROOSTERGNN Artist Residencies in Madrid, Spain and Havana, Cuba, both inspiring environments to foster artistic development, professional success and personal growth.


ROOSTERGNN has been featured in numerous media outlets, our Academy has prestigious Experts and Mentors and our journalists have gone on to work at some of the most important publications worldwide.