Off Duty

Casual looks RGNN students wear around campus and in their free time. And if it’s not too revealing, we wear them to class, too.

Claire’s Chic Skirt

Cute and fun.

Alexandria’s Floral Look

Chic and classy.

Nancy’s Chic Denim Look

Fun and flirty.

Blush Pink Pants #OOTD

Chic and pretty.

Dhaizy’s Casual Black Outfit

Chic and timeless.

Cute & Casual #OOTD

A cute summer look.

Maryam’s Chic Sunglasses

The perfect summer accessory.

Army Green Dress

Chic and cool.

Pretty Brown Dress #OOTD

Classic and timeless.

My Favorite Checkered Shirt

Classy and timeless.

Sapna’s Bright Skirt

Chic and vibrant.

How To Style Your Air Jordan 1’s

Air Jordan 1’s are the perfect “balance” to any outfit!