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Use APA style for caps in titles and should NEVER have a period at the end. Example: 3 Ways to Style a Satin Skirt NOT 3 ways to style a satin skirt.

Product prices should be cited in USD and Euros, wherever applicable.


  • Bibliographies are not included at the end of the article.

  • Links to sources should be integrated throughout the article in the form of hyperlinks.

  • All links must be opened in a new page.

  • We recommend including links to other relevant articles of (or from the same contributor or another contributor).

File upload limit: 15 image files, 5Mb max size per file (gif, jpe, jpeg, jpg or png) or 3 video files, 30Mb max size (mp4). Please note that the minimum width and height for images is 740 px and the maximum is 1500 px.

Please provide all the photo/video captions in the same order you upload the files and separated by commas.

Photo captions should be like this: My spring #OOTD | Anna Smith

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