Mabel Arago

Parsons the New School for Design | USA

Biography Love and light that’s the energy I perceived from Mabel. This girl from Philippines Studied Design Communication at Parsons in New York. Focused on aesthetic or pleasurable visual design converting it into messages in a meaningful way through art and technology. She describes her personality as eclectic “I sometimes opt for monochrome, feminine yet a little edgy. But mostly, I favor vibrant palettes since I live in the tropics. I am fond of silk, lace, linen, and leather. My go to shops is usually from various local designers. I also prefer Zara, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren for timeless pieces, and Australian brands for boho clothing. I consider my fashion choices as spontaneous or as how they call it, “fashion au natural”: a head-to-toe look, styled by one's self in an impulsive or emotional manner that is neither pre-meditated nor put together. As long as it’s comfortable and cute, I’m up for it.”.

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