Sasi aswapanitpant

Parsons the New School for Design | USA

The number of female entrepreneurs, founder and owner has increase dramatically, given the business a new shape and creating opportunities with a new approach, thanks to those female strength, like empathy, effective networking and holistic mindset to face more universal, general challenges. That's why we welcome here Sasi, such an inspiration for many girls who pursue their dreams and would love to be part of a more competitive and inclusive world. Fashion Designer from Parsons, New York, She is the owner and head designer of her successful brand BySasi, at the same time a fashion influencer with a YouTube channel, focus on style, design beauty tips and so on. Passionate about styling, she portraits herself with a clean, sweet and girly style, using more of her own design and adding big brands as an accessory, creating a successful girl in the fashion industry.

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