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How to Edit Your Instagram Photos Like a Fashion Blogger

How to Edit Your Instagram Photos Like a Fashion Blogger

Maria O'Keefe

Have you ever wondered how fashion bloggers really edit their Instagram photos? They always look so perfect, right?

Fashion influencer Marianna Hewitt, also known as @marianna_hewitt on Instagram and the owner of the blog “Life with Me“, went viral a couple of years back with her “How I Edit Instagram Pictures” video on her Youtube channel, where she took viewers behind the scenes on the perfect photos that she showcases on her Instagram feed. Here’s the first video she posted back in 2015:

Then, mainly given to an update to some of the apps that she uses in the first video, she published a revised video one year later, explaining how she now edits her Instagram photos and plans out her feed.

Marianna, who has completed an executive education program at Harvard Business School, is now even more dedicated to educating future bloggers about how to best edit photos – and more.

She is soon launching a full-on site with blogging tips at Right now, the site only permits sign ups for future updates, but her accompanying Instagram account @blogwithme is already amassing followers in a very short time. Here’s some of our favorite tips from her Instagram account.


Do you want to be a blogger or an influencer? What’s the difference • you can be an influencer and have a lot of influence to have your audience take an action, influencers can be celebrities with big numbers or a micro influencer on Instagram that doesn’t have a huge following but a smaller engaged audience that they are influential towards. You do not have to have a blog to be influential. You don’t have to stress about a perfect feed and photography because brands might not be looking to you for content, they might just want sales or Awareness (some influencers might have a blog but they might not consistently update or people don’t know them for having an additional platform and only follow them for social media) • a blogger can be both, have a blog and be influential. But to consider yourself a blogger all you need is to have a blog (and do it consistently!) here, beautiful content and consistently posting is more important when working with brands • EXAMPLES OF INFLUENCERS: @oliviaculpo @kyliejenner @rocky_barnes @samimiro @joelle_fletcher • EXAMPLES OF BLOGGERS: @collagevintage @chrisellelim @margoandme @lisadengler @youandlu

Una publicación compartida de Blog With Me | Marianna Hewitt (@blogwithme) el


Yesterday I asked the question, why do you want to be a blogger? If making income while being able to work from home and Have a flexible schedule was one of your reasons why that’s totally ok! This is a business and below are a few ways you can start monetizing your content NOW • you can make money by doing sponsored content with brands. Likely if you have enough followers, readers or subscribers brands are already reaching out to you to do sponsored content • if you don’t fall into that category you can do a few other things • affiliate links on your blog and social platforms. shopstyle is a platform that gets paid per click so if you have an engaged audience who is clicking a lot this would work for you. There is also rewardstyle which is paid commission based on sales, so if you have an audience that buys a lot of what you post this could be a better option for you • if you are a YouTuber, turn on monetization to get paid for people viewing YouTube ads before your video

Una publicación compartida de Blog With Me | Marianna Hewitt (@blogwithme) el

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