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The Secret to Quick-Drying Nails

The Secret to Quick-Drying Nails

Anna Campbell
  • Little time? Here's how your nails will dry in 60 seconds.

Let’s face it. Weekly manicures can get time-consuming – and expensive. DIY-ing your nails at home on a Sunday evening, however, allows you to look polished for the whole week.

Our secret to quick-drying nails? The Poshé Top Coat, which does exactly what it advertises: dry in 60 seconds. In our opinion, it even trumps the famous Seche Vite Top Coat, a previous favorite among beauty editors, but the Poshé version is 3-free, meaning that it does not contain the possible toxic ingredients toluene, formaldehyde, and DPBs (dibutyl phthalates).

Some additional tips for making your nail polish dry quick and last for the week:

  • Remove old nail polish before you even start. This is obvious, but even if you have already removed your old nail polish, clean your nails AGAIN with nail polish remover and wash them with water and soap before you paint. This will make sure to remove any excess oils from your nails and help your DIY manicure last longer.
  • Add a base coat and then two coats of a colored polish before applying the top coat. Let each coat dry for at least one minute before applying the next coat. The Poshé Top Coat works best if you have let your previous coat dry at least one minute.
  • Use an old lip brush to remove any excess polish on your skin BEFORE the top coat is completely dry. This will give your manicure a professional look.

The Poshé Top Coat is available on Amazon for $5. And btw, in the photo above, our Founder @isabelevabohrer is wearing one of her favorite colors, Essie Luxedo, also available on Amazon for $8.99.

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