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Look for Less: BTS’s Dynamite MV Retro Outfits

Look for Less: BTS’s Dynamite MV Retro Outfits

Dina Yang
Look for Less: BTS’s Dynamite MV Retro Outfits

BTS, the world’s biggest boy band, released its first full English song, “Dynamite,” last month. The song was a massive success, ranking No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Besides the lyrics, vibes, and other elements of the songs, there were also many discussions on what BTS wore in Dynamite’s MV. The most iconic outfit that received a lot of attention was the retro disco look below.

These 70s-inspired outfits BTS wore are from Gucci’s new collection. As retro style makes its comeback, we see more artists and fashion brands are bringing trends back from the 70S, 80s, and 90s. If you want to see where to find cheaper alternatives to BTS’s Dynamite’s retro outfits or keep up with the latest trends, keep reading!

Flared Pants & Jeans

The first thing that pops up when talking about retro style is indeed flared bottoms. In the photo, RM, V, and Jin wore different colored flared pants, while Suga, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope wore flared jeans.

Free People’s flared pants collection offers a variety of colors.

Pull-On Corduroy Flared Pants |

Free People also carries flared jeans, and so does Mango. 

Flared Jeans Flare; Just Float On Flare Jeans |;

Print & Pattern Collar Shirt

When it comes to retro fashion, a print collar shirt is a must-have. For BTS’s outfits, both RM and Jin are wearing collar shirts with either vibrant colors or intricate patterns.

Urban Outfitters has a lot of options for shirts with vintage designs.

Bandana Print Linen Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt; Raga Man Floral Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt; Multi-Colour Geo Print Long-Sleeve Shirt; Archive Teal Geo Print | BDG via;
  • The BDG Bandana Print Linen Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt by Urban Outfitters is available for $49.00 in the U.S.
  • The Raga Man Floral Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt by Urban Outfitters is available for $95.00 in the U.S.
  • The Multi-Colour Geo Print Long-Sleeve Shirt by Urban Outfitters is available for €22.00 in Spain.
  • The Urban Outfitters Archive Teal Geo Print is available for €35.00 in Spain

Basic & Striped Collar Shirt

Besides pattern shirts, a basic striped collar shirt is also a staple because it pairs with everything. Suga, V, Jungkook, and Jimin all layered a plain or striped shirt with other pieces.

Mango has a great collection of basic and striped collar shirts.

Knot Cotton Shirt; Oversized Flowy Shirt; Striped Shirt |

Blazers & Waistcoats

The vintage look is not complete without an oversized and plaid blazer. In BTS’s photo, Jungkook wore a checked blazer, while Suga wore a dark grey oversized blazer.

In terms of blazers, both ASOS and Mango carry great pieces at reasonable prices!

Pieces Tailored Blazer; Check Structured Blazer; Check Suit Blazer |;

If you want an extra retro look, you can pair a waistcoat with the blazer, as Suga did in the photo.

Mansy 3 Piece Suit Vest; Jersey Cropped Suit Waistcoat |


BTS is very split in terms of shoes. Suga, V, Jin, Jimin, and J-Hope all wore loafers, while RM wore sneakers, and Jungkook wore boots. We found dupes for all of these choices, so you have a large selection pool!

Mango offers loafers and boots with outstanding quality and a stylish fit.

Leather Moccasin; Chain Loafers; Pointed Heel Ankle Boot |

For a more dressed-down and everyday retro outfit, a white pair of sneakers is the way to go. Both Converse and Reebok carry some fantastic options.

Canvas Platform Chuck Taylor All Star; Club C Double Sneaker |;

That’s it! Now, it’s your time to recreate the Dynamite outfits! Feel free to share your looks with us @rooster_gnn.

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