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Eco Tan’s Winter Skin: (You’ll Love It Too!)

Eco Tan’s Winter Skin: (You’ll Love It Too!)

Megan Taylor

Pros: To be fair to all my readers, I must first mention that the brand caters to more than porcelain vanilla vampires like myself. Eco Tan also offers their “Invisible Tan,” which is the partner in crime to “Winter Skin;” for all my luscious cocoa and caramel loves out there.

However for the time being, we are going to focus on “Winter Skin.” As I am not naturally gifted in that department of melanin and sunshine deliciousness.

Before applying, the brand makes it clear to exfoliate exactly 24 hours beforehand. REPEAT: EXFOLIATE 24 HOURS BEFORE YOU APPLY. This self-tanner is definitely superior to most out there, however exfoliation is just common sense; unless you want your body looking like the various strata of the Grand Canyon. After exfoliating, I went ahead and moisturized with an unscented lotion. For the best results, I would suggest the less oily it is, the better; however, the brilliance of this self-tanner is that I never had an issue regardless of what lotion I used to lather up with prior. In addition, the day-of (when I decided to apply the tanner), I gave myself an extra coat of lotion right before (this helps boost the ease of any blend-ability properties a self-tanner may have). On first application, I noticed unlike other self-tanners that this was creamy enough to be a moisturizer, but also what I loved was the lack of greasiness or uneven bits of liquid one typically will find in other brands. It holds weight, and is thick enough to stick and not ruin a week’s worth of bathroom laundry, but light enough to not cake up and crack like a paste. Eco Tan also offers an applicator mitt for additional purchase, which I would highly recommend as I bought one for myself. It is extremely durable, made from recyclable and natural material, and has a bonus double-feature, one side suitable for tanning waters and sprays, the other for mousses and tanning lotions. It can be found here.

If this is your first time to the world of self-tanning, another perk they offer is a guided tutorial for their creams.

After following their tutorial, I realized in the comment section that their brand says you only need to let it sit for eight hours before showering. Some brands require more around the ten hour mark, so this could be a pro depending on how you view it. After getting some much needed REM that I had been neglecting, I woke up to a gorgeous glow. After showering, it still remained in tact and I have received many compliments this week. The great thing about this tan from a product standpoint is, it does it’s job and it does it well, no need to worry about looking like the obvious orange traffic-cone syndrome or Jersey Shore wannabe. It’s subtle, it is convincing, and has lasted me up to two weeks. This is just great coverage overall, no patches, no streaks, everything blended perfectly, I can’t complain. Plus, the brand itself is certified organic, vegan, all-natural, cruelty-free, peta-approved, toxic-free, and Australian-made and owned in a world of: “Made in China”…refreshing. Now here is the bad news.

Cons: It smells funny. I guess we can’t have it all, but isn’t that life? Winter Skin can also be slightly sticky during the setting process, however it’s nothing a blow-dryer cannot fix. I suppose some could see it burdensome taking eight hours to set, as some brands only take a minimum of six hours. However, I would be highly skeptical of a product’s value at that point. You get what you pay for… quick fixes included.

Bottom Line: The brand is clean and affordable, it’s worth the risk in weight and results. Go for it! (Unless of course you are dealing with a horrifying case of Covid-19, pneumonia, asthma, or another lung-defect, the smell may agitate; I must warn you). Overall though, the brand is truly revolutionary and needs all of our support. Every month they donate to over twenty charities, they combat climate change by committing to PCR materials for packaging, and insist on becoming plastic and paper-free in all of their dealings. They are huge on ethos over capital. Planet over profit. What more could you ask for? An affordable ($29.95 USD), and successful tan? Oh they’ve got that waiting for you too. Try it out, I did…you won’t regret it.

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