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Bewitching Your Wardrobe: Dress According To Your Moon Sign This Full Moon

Bewitching Your Wardrobe: Dress According To Your Moon Sign This Full Moon

Everyone knows their sun sign, and almost nauseatingly enough, a lot of people will assume their personalities solely on this fact. However, despite what Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar want to tell you, popular horoscopes really don’t mean that much. At least to real astrologers, it is virtually impossible for someone born on March 22nd to act the same way as someone born on March 28th, and all because they are both Aries? Even in real life you will see this contradiction. The practice of astrology is far more complex, and deeper than that.

For centuries and most of the millennia, the accurate form of astrology was actually studied alongside the sciences themselves! Even America’s former First Lady Nancy Reagan dabbled in the occult, but that’s an entirely separate discussion. Fact of the matter is, everyone has what we call a birth chart. In order to calculate where every planet (not just your sun) was in the sky at the exact day of your birth, try and find your birth certificate and mark down the exact time – and I mean it – down to the minute. Without this precision your chart will be utterly inaccurate. If you have no clue what I am talking about, head on over to to calculate this info. Simply type in your FULL BIRTH DETAILS and whoola!

You should be able to see such a placement called your “moon sign”. Yes, you see, the sun sign is more-so a public persona but the moon sign is your most inner-self. It’s the self that your family sees, your best friend sees, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your dog, and most importantly yourself. Especially if you identify as female, traditionally speaking, the Sun is the masculine side of ourselves and the Moon is the feminine. A beautiful full moon is right around the corner on November 30th. Full moons tend to amplify traits of the moon, and this year it will be landing in the sign of chatty and expressive Gemini. So why not express yourself accordingly? Here are some tips on how to align yourself with these lunar energies, according to YOU!

Moon in Aries

Rules: the head

Benefits from the colors of: red, white, and yellow

Vegan Silk Oblong Scarf in Lobsters Pattern; Thank You Face Mask; Saint Laurent Loulou Heart-Shaped Acetate Sunglasses In Red | Catherinerowedesigns via; Hall Pass by B2SS via; Saint Laurent via

(Clockwise from bottom-right)

Moon in Taurus

Rules: the neck

Benefits from the colors of: pink, white, and green

Daisy; China Dog Garden in Fresh Mint Silk Scarf; Pink Larkspur on Silver; PEMA Vegan Eco Banana Yarn Unisex Scarf |; Catherinerowedesigns via;;

(Clockwise from bottom-right)

Moon in Gemini

Rules: the shoulders, arms, and hands

Benefits from the colors of: green and yellow

Snake Ring with Green and Clear CZ Stones S925 Silver; Small Post Bag |;

(Right to left)

Moon in Cancer

Rules: the chest, breasts, and stomach

Benefits from the colors of: blue and silver

Reverse Caspian Pullover…; Adriana Bralette in Vista Blue |;

(Right to left)

Moon in Leo

Rules: the heart, chest, upper back, and spinal column

Benefits from the colors of: orange, red, and gold

Eye brooch pin Evil eye jewellery…; Blow The Bag Jacket; Lucky Charm Jacket | UKbeautycustoms via;

(Clockwise from bottom-right)

Moon in Virgo

Rules: the digestive tract, intestines, and spleen

Benefits from the colors of: blue, green, yellow, and white

Belt Miss Green; Triple Digits Skinny Belt |;

(Top to bottom)

Moon in Libra

Rules: the kidneys, lower back, and buttocks

Benefits from the colors of: white and blue

Thalita Stripe Midi Skirt; Farm Rio Blue Tile Midi Skirt |

(From right to left)

Moon in Scorpio

Rules: the bowels, womb, and sex organs

Benefits from the colors of: red and black

Victoria Hipsters Black; Lace Cheeky 3-Pack in Moody; Bleached Black Bikini Panties… |;; Katastrophicdesign via

(Clockwise from bottom-right)

Moon in Sagittarius

Rules: the legs and thighs

Benefits from the colors of: orange, blue, and white

‘Addison’ Limited Edition High Waisted Organic Cotton Twill Jeans in Tie Dye; Relax Rose – Sun Stripe Jeans |;

(Clockwise from bottom-right)

Moon in Capricorn

Rules: the skeletal system, teeth, and knees

Benefits from the colors of: black, brown, khaki, and purple

See Cow It Goes Knee High Heeled Boots; Cow Dare You Faux Suede Knee High Heeled Boots; Get Hiss Party Started Snake Knee High Boots; Faux Python PU Knee-High Square-Toe Flare-Heel Boots; Cobra Couture Knee-High Boots; Cheriton Stone and Black Snake Pointed-Toe Knee High Boots |;;

(Clockwise from bottom-right)

Moon in Aquarius

Rules: the calves, shins, and ankles

Benefits from the colors of: blue, purple, and silver

Lightning Strike Ankle Boots; Renzo Faux Snakeskin Ankle Boots | Current Mood via; Public Desire via

(Right to left)

Moon in Pisces

Rules: the hands and feet

Benefits from the colors of: blue, green, pink, and purple

Berry Just Because Block Heels; Crochet dragon scale fingerless gloves, mermaid stitch womens gloves; Gatto Cat Print Bamboo Socks In Rose Pink |; AngelsMagicalCrafts via;

(Clockwise from bottom-right)

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