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y2k Vibes

y2k Vibes

Semiya Bailey

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Throw back in time to the early 2000s where low ride bell bottom Jeans were the hub of fashion.

I love this outfit, it gives me y2k vibes! The blue crop top t-shirt can be found on Ali Express, the low ride bell bottom Jeans from Depop and the finishing this outfit bleached white sneakers from Converse. For accessories  we have a green purse from PETA and JAIN and shades bought from SHEIN.

Get Semiya Look !!

  • Shirt Ali Express $7.97 USD
  • Pants | Depop $7.50 USD
  • Shoe | Converse $55.00 USD
  • Purse | PETA and JAIN $69.95 USD
  • Shades | SHEIN $6.00 USD

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