Influencers are influencing their audiences on all levels – fashion, beauty, trends – and now, operations, too. And while some like to keep such interventions secret, others are going all out, talking openly to their followers about what they have had done.

It’s fascinating to watch, and can be educating, too. Especially if you are looking to get some work done yourself, there are some useful tips that they give.

Here’s some we have found particularly interesting.

1. Camila Coelho’s Nose Job

The Brazilian influencers recently got a nose job by the same doctor that also did celebrity stylist Jen Atkins’ nose (and many other noses in Hollywood). She talks openly about it, with before and after pics, in this video.

2. Huda Beauty’s Lip Fillers

Huda had lip fillers and actually decided to dissolve them. In a video, she explains why.

And then in a second blog post and video, she explains how to use makeup to fake a lip job – and the results are impeccable! Here’s how!

3. Chloe Morello’s Lip Fillers

Another story of non-surgical lip fillers, this time by Youtuber Chloe Morello. Here’s the full video.

4. Sarah Ashcroft’s Boob Job

Thinking of getting a breast augmentation? Watch this before you do.

5. Rhiannon Langley’s nose job – in Thailand

This one is for the adventurous. While Camila’s video above does not show the surgical intervention, Rhiannon Langley went to Thailand to get a nose job and went all public about it. Even the Daily Mail wrote about it. Check out the full article here.

And if you have recently read an interesting article/video/etc. that you think we should read and feature for our readers, let us know!