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Why You Should be Using Your Boyfriend’s T-shirt to Dry Your Hair

Why You Should be Using Your Boyfriend’s T-shirt to Dry Your Hair

Tenzin Tsephel

How many of us love lounging around the house in our boyfriend’s softest cotton t-shirt? Well, it turns out that comfy t-shirt could come in even handier. The next time you wash your hair, try drying it with one of these instead of with a towel. While towels are great for absorbing liquid, wrapping your head in cotton is undoubtedly easier on your scalp.

Tips for fighting frizz:

  • The t-shirt should be cotton, which unlike many synthetic materials, it is very effective at fighting off the frizz we so often struggle with.
  • When blowdrying, make sure to use the nozzle of your hairdryer, as this directs the flow of air, in turn reducing the chance of frizz.
  • Point the nozzle downwards so that your hair does not end up sticking up in all different directions, leaving you looking like a crazy person for the rest of the day.
  • After blowdrying your hair like this until it is almost dry, switch the setting to cool and dry for a further two minutes. This helps seal the hair cuticles, ensuring your hair maintains its shape for longer.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase, as this will help keep your hair in shape for the next day.

H&M has lots of cheap cotton t-shirts, such as the one below which you can buy here for $9.99.

Cotton t-shirt | Photo by H&M

This ALASKA BEAR silk pillowcase specifies that it prevents frizzy hair and is available at Amazon for $23.99.

ALASKA BEAR silk pillowcase | Photo by

The Revlon Salon 1875W Titanium Hair Dryer is available at Amazon for $28.73.

The Revlon Salon 1875W Titanium Hair Dryer | Photo by

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