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9 Realistic Influencers I Follow on Instagram

9 Realistic Influencers I Follow on Instagram

Courtney Stapleton
9 Realistic Influencers I Actually Follow on Insta

Social media is the ruler of today’s world and Instagram makes it easier than ever to find all different types of information, ideas, and inspiration. But for every influencer who is trying to be open about their true selves, there are many others who just want their persona to be perfection. Our society, including the Instagram world, has created a stereotype that people believe they need to fit into. But, this list of influencers marches to the beats of their own drums — and I love following along.

Jessica Torres (@thisisjessicatorres

Sierra Holmes (@eclectickurves

Chloe (@chloeincurve_

Mona (@thesmilingsweetheart

Kellie Brown (@itsmekellieb

Gabi (@gabifresh

Tess Holliday (@tessholliday

Shay Neary (@watchshayslay

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I’m settling into a new normal, whatever one can call normal really, and it’s giving me a better sense of security than I’ve had in months. . 📸: @angelicactorres . I’m a creature of unstable security, with an accumulated sensibility of strength, but within lies a much more fragile individual than I let be seen. I feel some of the most fragile individuals, are those with the most walls to break down, because we fear being exposed as weak. Something that I’ve been taking time to really analyze. . However fragility, lies within all of us, even the strongest of us. As I’ve let down the facade, that I once knew so well, I’m seeing a version on myself that isn’t the showstopper. . I’m not a star, my facade is the true star… and while we may coexistence in harmony, she is not my entire identity. I’m soft, malleable, and free forming. And well my foundation may be a broken one, I have filled its cracks, with reassurance and clarity to build on. . Making my normal, something much more tame, then in my past experiences. And I can’t say, that I don’t mind, settling in the background I wanted to escape from once upon a time. . Because I’m so much more secure with my identity. . Whatever may come in the future, I have the tools to endure, because of my trials and tribulations. I am enough, whether I am shining, or residing in the shadows. You may take me, as the universe has painted me, or you may go away. The train of accepting less than, has left the station, and a newer model is taking a more steady and efficient route. . I’m Shay. 32 years of life on my belt. 16 years of finding my true form. Eight years of processing my transition. And only months, of focusing on myself, and who I want to be for the rest of my life. . Change is a lifetime…sometimes it’s rapid and terrifying, and other times it’s an full on adventure. Take the time to analyze the ride. . Here’s to a new normal🗽 . #trans #transgender #transwoman #fat #bbw #femme #biggirl #writerofinstagram #writer #model #transmodel #plussize #plus #journaling #myjourney #transition #m2f #mtf #girlslikeus #woman #nyc #brooklyn #plusmodel #natural

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Lancelot Franklin (@goodboyfashion)  

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