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Support Companies That Support ALL People #OOTD

Support Companies That Support ALL People #OOTD

Maddie Prentice

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Let’s talk about being conscious of what your clothing purchases support. In times like these especially, we need to be aware of the businesses we are supporting. Many stores that I (and I’m sure many of you) have bought from are not using their platform to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement, nor helping the cause.

Many well-known companies are endorsing political campaigns that are anti-BLM as well. Do your research and know where your money is going and see if you still want to shop there after. I am saying this because, in my outfit, the denim jacket was purchased from a store I can no longer support. The rest of this outfit is from a store that has been speaking up about these issues, therefore, I will provide you with alternatives to where to buy this jacket – or at least similar ones rather than providing the company I originally purchased it from.

My #OOTD | Maddie Prentice
My #OOTD | Maddie Prentice
My #OOTD | Maddie Prentice

Photographed and Edited by: Nick Johnson
Instagram: @Shuddahbug

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