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3 Easy Clothing DIYs for the Summer

3 Easy Clothing DIYs for the Summer

Raina Von Zerneck

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Summertime is a great season to play around with fashion and get creative, especially when it comes to DIYs! DIYs are also a great way to pass time alone or with family and friends and can turn into a cool summer tradition. Below I will be describing 3 easy DIYs that are perfect for this season. I made sure each DIY wasn’t too advanced and requires minimal materials so everyone can try these easily at home.

Tie dying using natural dye made from food scraps

Yes, this is real and very possible. Many foods including onions, red cabbage, avocados, turmeric, and beets naturally have rich pigments that can be harvested to make fabric dye. This is a natural and non-toxic alternative to classic tie dye that uses chemicals to create such vibrant colors. The dye extracted from foods will not turn out as bright or pigmented as regular tie dye, but the results are still beautiful. It is worth trying, not just for the results but for the sake of being eco-friendly and recycling food scraps. Here are two video tutorials explaining different ways to dye clothes with food:

Tie Dyeing with Food Scraps! (Avocado, blueberries and turmeric!) by Rose Dust on YouTube

Tie Dyeing with Food Scraps! (Avocado, blueberries and turmeric!) by Rose Dust on YouTube

Natural Tie Dye using Blueberries | DIY Purple T-Shirt by Quynh Ho on YouTube

Two-toned denim

Using only bleach and your favorite denim piece, you can give your clothes a new look by bleaching only half the piece. This looks great on jeans as well as denim jackets and shorts and is a great way to re-vamp your closet! Here are two video tutorials explaining the process in detail:

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I tried the DIY the half bleached jeans trend by Bria Jones on YouTube
I tried the DIY half bleached jeans//Trend 2020 by Frizz & Curls on YouTube


Though this may seem like something your Granny would enjoy, embroidery has come back into style in the DIY world. It’s relatively easy and you can get creative with your design. You can also find a variety of colors of embroidery thread to really make a design unique to you. Here are two video tutorials with different inspirations for designs:

Aesthetic clothing embroidery diys ✨| JENerationDIY by JENerationDIY on YouTube
Embroidering for the first time (+ DIY embroidery hoop) by s u n n y on YouTube

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