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Fashion Faces Fear

Fashion Faces Fear

Valentina Baker
Fashion Faces Fear

COVID-19 has undoubtedly shaken up the fashion world and consumerism as a whole. Facemasks aren’t the only (essential) trend that’s arised. COVID-19 has sparked an outbreak of conservation, and a higher awareness of our current global climate crisis. So considering the fashion industry makes up for 20% of the world’s waste/carbon budget, it only seems right that consumers have become more concerned about what their clothes are made out of, and where they are being made and who is making them. As well as de-constructing mega corporate fashion fashion companies, and instead opting for second hand thrift shopping. Some sustainable brands that have come to the limelight via social media include:

Another major fashion or consumerism trend we’ve seen this year is in conjunction with the other on-going global crisis that has been highlighted, the discrimination and inequality crisis. Many people have done their part in participating in protests, and activism for the Black Lives Matter movement. Many have also highlighted black-owned businesses. As consumers it’s important to uplift entrepreneurs of color, and be more inclusive and educated when purchasing goods. 

Some examples of Black owned fashion brands that are nothing short of creative genius include brands such as Christopher John Rogers, Pyer Moss, and Cushnie.

Finally, this list of fashion and consumerism trends wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the light at the end of the tunnel, in other words “fashion empowerment” after a crisis. As we slowly start to improve our control over the COVID-19 outbreaks, and pushing towards normalism after a pandemic, consumers are starting to feel more empowered about what they’re wearing. Unique, colorful, vibrant and artistic motifs and fabrics have been embraced, as well as more daring and empowering fashion trends and silhouettes.

This almost reflects the feeling of relief, happiness, and inspiration that one feels after a long period of crisis. People are feeling more inclined to be themselves, take more creative risks, and wear what makes them feel good. Because after all, COVID-19 has emphasized a trend that applies in fashion as well as in life, which is the trend of enjoying and protecting more of life’s valuable moments.

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