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What’s in My Everyday Bag?

What’s in My Everyday Bag?

Syeda Humira Monir Purni

During quarantine, I haven’t been going out quite often. But once I do, I never forget to keep a few handfuls of things with me. Here are some of my must have items for a regular day.

Mask and sanitizer | Syeda Humira Monir Purni

Mask and sanitizer: We all know how important it is for us to use these two things, right? To make sure I stay safe and keep others safe as well, I always carry a mask and sanitizer with me.

Eye-liner and face powder:  I usually don’t bother putting on much makeup, so I use an eye-liner and just a touch of powder to look fresh and lively.

Hairbrush | Syeda Humira Monir Purni

Hairbrush: A hairbrush is definitely a necessity, so I never forget to keep it with me.

Vaseline | Syeda Humira Monir Purni

Vaseline: My lips get dried very easily. For this reason, Vaseline is like my best friend.

Shades and watch: I am highly sunlight intolerant and get dark circles easily, so I always carry a pair of sunglasses. My second favorite accessory is a watch. I feel like it complements my personality.

Wallet | Syeda Humira Monir Purni

Wallet: I carry my wallet to keep my cash, credit card, and some other items with me.

Mints | Syeda Humira Monir Purni

Mints: Whether I go to the library, mall, or bus stop I have a habit of chewing mints. It keeps me busy and it’s also a good exercise for my jaws.

Polaroid | Syeda Humira Monir Purni

Polaroid:  I really love to keep my boyfriend’s photograph with me when I’m out. It makes me feel like he’s always around so I get the motivation to keep going.

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