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Fashion Details for Your Wardrobe

Fashion Details for Your Wardrobe

Deanne Olivi L

Fashion and style is everywhere and what better way is there to express this than through your own closet! Here are a few items from my wardrobe that I have customized just to add a personal touch to my style pieces.

Lace Pocket Trimming

Lace pocket trimming | Deanne Olivia

With this style you would find trimmings from a fabric store and simply sew the material along the top edge of the pockets (while being very careful not to close the pocket).

Fluffer Boots

Fluffer boots | Deanne Olivia

With this experiment, I used different pieces of faux fur and covered the entire shoe with it to get a fuzzy vibe. I also incorporated ribbon as shoelaces to add a girly twist.

Fuzzy Heels

Fuzzy heels | Deanne Olivia

In this look, the concept is the same as Fluffer Boots. But instead of covering the entire heel, I just place the fur at the end of it, shifting my shoe from open toed to what is now a close toed heel!

Try experimenting with your outfits and materials and see what you come up with!

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