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My Favorite Thrift Finds

My Favorite Thrift Finds

Thrifting has become such a huge trend over the past few years. With social media’s influence, taking a trip to a local thrift store or Goodwill is an easy find for clothes, shoes, and little knick-knacks. The idea of “thrift shopping” has been around for a very long time, but now it seems to be acceptable. Even though the things we see in thrift stores are usually donated, there can be some exciting things to buy and add to your closet. There are times when I love to go ot the mall and shop at some of my favorite stores instead of thrifting. Although, I’ve come to realize that you can find designer or name brands items in thrifts stores if you really.  Now that I spend most of my days indoors due to Covid- 19, I try not to worry about buying so much clothing. But when it comes to thrifting, I can’t seem to stay away. 

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Stepping into the world of thrifting can be a rush, and sometimes a fail. When I decide to go, I try to go in with an open mind. It can be very overwhelming at times, depending on how big the location is or how overcrowded it is on sale days. Some of my favorite things ive find were in the men section. I love wearing oversized clothing, and they’re always so comfortable. I try ot look for unique graphics on the shirt that goes with my personality. I also like to look for plaid dress pants to wear instead of jeans. Cargo and sweat pants are another great find at my thrift stores. I’m always looking for clothing that complements me and that will take me out of my comfort zone. Looking for cute purses, belts, and scarves are the last things I look for while I’m there. I’ve purchased a Vera Bradley travel bag, Calvin Klein jacket, Nike jackets, and tons more from the many trips I’ve taken throughout the past few years. Ultimately, thrift shopping every once in a while is so convenient and fun to experience. You never what you’ll find unless you take the time to look. 

You can go to your local thrift store, goodwill, or online thrift stores as well. Donated clothes are continually coming through these stores, so take a chance and go searching!

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