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Spexy: The New Sexy

Spexy: The New Sexy

Good news for my ladies out there who wear spectacles, it’s now in trend! Yes, you heard it right. Spectacles have made an epic comeback to the fashion industry lead by some of our favorite celebrities. So, no more being sad because you got glasses on your nose. The time has come for you to flaunt it! Here’s how:

My spectacles look | Syeda Humira Monir Purni

This used to be one of my favorite pair of glasses and I’d use it while reading and working. But now, I’ve started using it as a part of my regular routine. Glasses are so sexy! You could almost wear it with anything. There are various shapes and sizes out there. For me, rectangular and cat eye glasses work the best.

Among celebrities, Millie Bobby Brown is seen wearing specs almost everywhere. She looks so chic and is a fashion idol for most teenagers. Apart from that, many other fashion gurus are seen in specs nowadays as well. So get ready for flexing your glasses today!

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