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Romee Strijd Warns Against Face Sculpting Tools – They Could Make You Break Out

Romee Strijd Warns Against Face Sculpting Tools – They Could Make You Break Out

Maria O'Keefe

Face rollers, derma rollers, Refa rollers… you name it, the face sculpting trend has gone viral on Instagram. Model Romee Strijd has already posted various face sculpting tutorials on her YouTube channel, and her arsenal of tools appears quite impressive.

Now, in a more recent video, Strijd took a step back and advised AGAINST one of the derma rollers she recently purchased on Amazon, asserting that the tool caused her an allergic reaction. Specifically, she affirms that part of the gel-like coating of the derma roller was coming off upon use.

This statement goes in line with some of the recent issues that have been surfacing with beauty products that have not undergone strict testing regulations. If you’re interested in this topic, we also recommend watching the first episode of Netflix’s documentary Broken, which sheds a vital look at the false cosmetics industry.

Be careful about what you buy online, it might contain rat urine! And you surely do not want to be putting that on your face.

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