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5 Trends I Can’t Wait to Try This Spring

5 Trends I Can’t Wait to Try This Spring

Michelle Hidalgo

I am a true believer that change begins in how we feel, look and how others perceive us. These are five trends I can’t wait to try this spring.

Boots and booties

Knee-high boots | Ali Pazani via Pexels
Cute booties | José Luis via Pexels

The perfect accessory for any crazy weather we may experience, either the sun decides to pop out or an unexpected rain shower. Boots and booties are your best friend this time around, you can mix and match them with a dress, maxi sweaters, miniskirts, jeans, you name it.

Did anyone say denim?

Woman wearing denim | Marcela Alessandra via Pexels
Woman wearing denim dress | Renato Abati via Pexels

Denim is back! How to forget our iconic denim duo, Britney and Justin in 2001, they set a trend and I haven’t thanked them enough. Make sure this spring you own denim – it is a must! Let’s all make Rihanna proud and show her that her denim passion has paid off.

Tights for every occasion

Tights | Rodolfo Clix via Pexels

Treat yourself to a pair of fresh tights.Any pattern, color, make them yours. With a pair of tights, you add the spice into your outfit. They are fun, sexy, and you can wear them day or night.

Neon colors, channeling Billie Eilish

Neon colors | Luiz Medeirosph via Pexels
Bright colors | Sound On via Pexels

Let’s talk about standing out with these amazing highlighter tones. Most of the biggest high-end brands are bringing this trend back. Make sure you’re the easiest to spot in the room.

Oversize handbags – Mary Poppins would be proud

Woman holding large handbag | Parascheva Capatina via Pexels
Large yellow handbag | Timothy Paule II via Pexels

Find an oversize bag and you’ll be able to carry around whatever you need. They’re just the opposite of all the micro bags we’ve been seeing as well. But at least here, I will be able to fit in so much more than just my keys.

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